FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/15/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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The quarantine may finally be getting to me but this wasn’t half bad. Miz and Morrison made me laugh and Otis is holding up his end of the bargain as he’s now fully in the spotlight.

Dana Brooke and Naomi was short but I thought it was simple, effective storytelling. I’m hoping Naomi gets another shot at revenge against Dana.

Why do Sheamus/Hardy in the first round when they’ve already been building to it for weeks? Feels like a waste. The seeding of the tournament as a whole is suspect but I suppose we have to see how things play out.

Gulak and Bryan were great. The main event underwhelmed but they’re at least building to something with Braun and Otis.

More hits than misses. Enjoy your weekend everyone. 7/10

Alexander from Portland

The New Day retain their tag team titles at Money in the Bank and aren’t shown on the following SmackDown. Braun Strowman defends the Universal Championship at the same show and tonight appears as a mystery tag team partner, not having a scheduled match, segment, interview, etc. Bayley successfully defends her championship and has to interrupt Charlotte to get a segment. What odd booking. Otis holding Money in the Bank is interesting, as he’s not held any title in the WWE. What’s more likely: Otis cashing in Money in the Bank and losing, or someone beating Otis for the briefcase? While it’s too soon, I’d love a story where Baron Corbin challenges and beats Otis for the briefcase. Thanks.

How much credit do you guys think POST Wrestling should get for Vince’s recent tweet?

Jordan from Kitchener,

I’ll admit I watch Smackdown on a tape delay every Friday but did have some thoughts pop into my head while watching this edition.

(5) I like how they portrayed Otis and his interaction with Braun backstage was good.
(4) There goes my IC final in Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. Thank you, WWE! Now we could have a potential AJ VS Bryan for a final. Hell yes!
(3) When your opening match is Baron vs. Elias, you know that I will be fast-forwarding through it. Nice try, no thanks!
(2) Using Charlotte to add more fuel to the fire between Sasha and Bayley was excellent.
(1) Is NXT involved in the brand invitational? I don’t see much of a rating increase with the main roster if they’re not.

I am enjoying this edition of SD. 7/10

These WWE shows are almost impossible to watch. I sometimes scan YouTube to look at them - but rarely.

But then you see what AEW does with their ‘crowd’ - and as Wai said on Wednesday, it almost feels like a real show.

I can’t believe WWE hasn’t done this. The only reason I can think is because they think it won’t make a difference or dislike the format - but that seems odd given the big results AEW is getting in terms of quality of show.

It seems to me the main reason is probably because they’re worried it will look like they got the idea from AEW. And as we’ve seen many times in the past, WWE often makes decisions detrimental to their overall business if they believes that certain moves could be perceived as bolstering or legitimizing another company (so many examples come to mind re: WCW and ECW).

Would love your thoughts on why WWE has not gone the route of using people in the crowd.

After Mania I called in and said how much they can do with the Otis-Mandy storyline. I didn’t have THIS in mind but I’m all for these performers getting spotlight because they did have the best long term story line in the entire company for a good portion of the winter.