FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/21/19

What did you think of SmackDown? Leave your feedback below.

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Paul from New Jersey

I don’t mind a Kofi/Zihgler feud, however this “It should be me” angle is lame as shit. Dolph

Can’t act to save his life.

i’m still in on the 24/7 title. R-Truth and Carmella did a good job, I was waiting for Carmella to smash Truth over the head. They said any superstar could hold this title. I’m sure that includes women.

At any given TV taping, how many superstars do you think hang out in catering for the night? Over/under 25?

Andrew from Cape Breton

My hope is that we just get John cutting Dolph Ziggler’s promo in his Dolph Ziggler voice. If his voice cracks, it shows how much passion he has. I remember when John started doing that impression, I think it was 2016 and Dolph has cut the same promo ever since. I’m a bit more proud of WWE today. They went 2 shows literally having only 4 wild cards, unless Dolph is on Smackdown. I guess he’s on Smackdown now, the Superstar shake up is still going on. The WWE 24/7 title segments need to have Benny Hill music attached to them. Maybe they could do the Scooby Doo deal where they come in and out of doors. I don’t remember them having all the random geeks running around with the Hardcore Title. At least Viscera and the Headbangers picked their spots. Oh well, 6 random geeks out of 10.

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Brandon from Oshawa

I feel the total opposite from everything Paul from New Jersey posted.

I thought Dolph Ziggler was tremendous tonight and cut one of his best and most intense promos to date. The “it should be me” angle totally fits in with the character he’s portrayed up until now. This is a guy that has spent years telling us that he’s the best and now he’s had to sit at home and watch a guy, that has pretty much been lower on the card for most of his run, getting a run with the WWE Championship. I really enjoyed this, but Dolph HAS to change his look. He needs something else to go with this, or it’ll be a 2 week run and he’ll be nowhere after the international pay per view extravaganza, wherever that show is taking place.

I’m also in on the 24/7 title, but I didnt like the garbage with Truth & Carmella. I thought they did such a great job on YouTube with little vignettes of the Singh Brothers, Heavy Machinery & Matt Hardy all strategizing and they were fun segments, but we got nothing like that on the show. That is the kind of stuff I need more of, to keep me interested in this title.

Late to post but if the 24/7 title is going to get over it will be in the most anti-WWE creative way possible: guys on social media doing their own thing to make the title fun. But then again, maybe that’s the point and they got us marked all along?