FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/22/20

What did you think of SmackDown?

We’ll also preview Double or Nothing and discuss Dark Side of the Ring: “The Final Days of Owen Hart”, so if you have thoughts on those items, feel free to leave feedback as well.

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SD Feedback: The upcoming Universal Title match makes is as confusing as having Booker T involved in that Tag Match on the episode of NITRO from 2000 you guys recently reviewed. Charlotte’s involvement in the Triple Threat Match on Monday has me wondering whether she will eventually hold all 3 titles. The Forgotten Sons are basically 3 John Rambo’s. Sheamus’ body never ceases to become a canvas for his opponent in every match he is in. Was that Styles-Nakamura match their best in WWE?

Dark Side of the Ring Season 2 finale feedback: Hearing from Martha was unbelievable. Seeing the pictures of Owen’s blood and the dent on the ring made me further dumbfounded of how that show could continue. Going into that room with the legal documents, and seeing the actual clip that held Owen was unbelievable. Owen’s costume, and what the producers said on Conrad’s podcast about his suitcase being in that closet still unpacked broke me. The two figures, other than Vince’s, not present in this episode were Vince Russo and of course, Bret. On Conrad’s podcast they said Bret never got back to them, probably due to his reaction to the Montreal Screw Job Episode. They did not feel missed, though. Russo’s voice would have felt out of place as you were never going to get as emotional a response as Jim Cornette’s, given Jim’s relationship with the family. As you guys discussed with Bix on the Hangout Russo gets an unwarranted amount of blame for this, somewhat from Bret himself. I also did not miss Bret in the episode as everything he has said about his brother is in his book, including the amount of guilt he feels for not being around during this tragedy. He talks about going up to the rafters as well, with Martha. He mentions how important he felt it was to side with Martha during the trial, and he has mentioned his contradictory views of Owen going into the Hall of Fame. There is no argument about whether or not Owen deserves to be in 10 Hall of Fames, as JR mentioned. On the same token, Martha’s decision to not want to have anything to do with WWE, not wrestling altogether, but WWE is completely understandable. To give her a hard time about it, is just shameful. From what you guys have heard, what led to Bret and Martha’s falling out?

Nick from Lansing

Smackdown feels like the show treading water the most, at least in terms of story in a single episode. In my opinion Sasha’s friendship with Bayley and the Sonya/Mandy story have been the feuds keeping the show moving the most. Charlotte and Bayley had a stand out match and at this point, especially with no crowds I’m past caring why certain people are going show to to show if it means we get good matches. The rest of the show was alright, but nothing else to write home about for me

Alexander from Portland

While none of the matches stood out, tonight was a good showing for character and story development. During The Dirt Sheet I was wondering why John Morrison was being used in a tag-team when he’s easily one of the most entertaining guys in the company right now, and then WWE booked him and Miz in a handicapped match for the Universal Championship. What an odd year where both Miz and Morrison defend the tag team championships as individuals in triple threat matches but together get a shot at a singular Universal Championship. I’d absolutely love to see Miz and Morrison win the match. Braun literally did nothing to get put into the title match against Goldberg, and considering this is his first title reign I feel there’s no reason to get behind his character, whatever it is in this empty arena setting. Miz and Morrison have shown tremendous charisma lately, putting on solid matches. I’d rather see Otis interact with them as Mr. Money in the Bank instead of Braun.

Question: I haven’t seen anyone say anything positive about Charlotte’s overexposure. In one week she’ll have broken up a #1 contenders match for her title, faced the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and faced off in a triple threat #1 contenders match for the RAW Women’s Championship. This level of push is building her up for something, but with Becky gone I have no idea what that could be. Do you think WWE is pushing her so hard due to Becky, the number-one woman in the company, being out for the remainder of the year?

Jordan from Kitchener,

The order placement for this show seemed completely out of whack this week, but none the less here’s my feedback or thoughts.

I like we’re not getting the Fiend vs. Braun just yet. Instead, they pulled Vince Russo swerve and book a 2 on 1 handicap match that makes no sense.

Since when did the women division become must-see on Smackdown? Bayley/ Sasha and Mandy/Soyna keep bringing me back every week.

Is it too early to consider AJ and Nakamura the best rivals each has had in the WWE?

John, you jinx us because tonight every match got a commercial break.

Actually thought this was a pretty good show. Maybe the best SD they’ve done in the empty arena era.

Styles/Nakamura, Charlotte/Bayley and Hardy/Sheamus were all solid. Mix and Morrison are really gelling too.

Horrible move to have a handicap match for Backlash though.