FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/29/18

Leave your questions and feedback here for tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-SmackDown.

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Jesse from Tulsa

This was an excellent show tonight! Everything, besides the dance-off, was entertaining and kept my attention the entire night. Samoa Joe is great! This guy can do no wrong right now and everything he’s touching is turning into gold. I had no problem with them adding Big Cass to the main event. It’s been a long time since the WWE has had a dream match and not thrown it on a forgettable RAW or Smackdown. Build the match up and make us wait for it. I have no problem with that! I was completely against the Nakamura heel turn when it happened but he has proved me wrong. His heel turn has been 1000 times more entertaining than his baby face run was

Question-Having Samoa Joe choke out Daniel Bryan is a great way to get him heat but I do think that he is getting so good at what he’s doing that he’s going to start getting more and more cheers from the fans. Would you keep him as a heel or would you turn him into a badass baby face like Braun is?

Brandon from Oshawa

Little things can mean so much. Samoa Joe storming out and grabbing the MITB briefcase during his promo is a little thing, but to me, it was something fresh, because its not something we normally see. It isnt the same old look up or point at it. This guy just walked out and showed he meant business and wasnt fucking around. As much as I wanted to see Joe/Brian, I’m glad they held off. We’ve got 2 Brian programs potentially to look forward to now, against Joe & The Miz.

Is it just me, or did that look like a fake Sin Cara? Last time I remember seeing him, he was shorter and fatter. I think its a good first opponent for Almas though, moving up from the jobbers. Have to give some props to 205 Live too. I watched for the first time in months, just to see the title match and it was a pretty great match and goes to show what a hometown win, does for a guy. Cedric got a great reaction after his win and celebrating with his family was a nice way to end the show.

Tommy from New York

Hey guys,

Happy to finally get a chance to leave some feedback as I usually work super late but tonight I was able to actually watch Smackdown on only a slight delay and thought it was a really good show. My genuine rule of thumb with the difference between Raw & Smackdown is that if you want a good wrestling show with good matches than you watch Smackdown but if you want a show heavy on storyline then Raw is your show. Smackdown was a fun show that breezed by but I do feel like if you don’t just enjoy good to great wrestling than Smackdown is skippable in spite of its good in ring action. There is rare ly a brutal episode of Smackdown but also rarely something, that to me, is can’t miss storyline development. The six man tag match was great and it’s nice to see the new day being profiled in singles competition and I’m wonering if you guys think there’s a chance they stay together with maybe one emergining as a solid babyface title contender while still in the new day or does one have to turn heel?

Big thing for me is whether Big Cass right now is the best heel in the entire company or if he just has the most go away heat. He’s the only heel, i nmy opinion, who comes out and gets booed out of the building by design. No one likes Big Cass but again I don’t know it’s because he does a good job in his role or if it’s that his appearance actually kills whatever segment he’s on. To be fair tonight I thought he held his own in the match and I’m glad they held off on Bryan & Joe in a one on one match until a later date. It was nice to see Joe get a decisive win as I feel he really needed one but I wonder why they only let Bryan’s arm drop one time before ringing the bell as opposed to 3.

Lastly, I was worried that we were going to get a horrid segment when I heard about the danceoff on the heels of Lashley’s sisters and the BBQ and also worried it would be a nid 2000s divas like segment but I thought they pulled it off. I wonder if they simply did a shmaz for fear that Lana was going to win.

I’m also surprised and somewhat disappointed that Charlotte and Becky is happening next week on television because, while I’m sure it will be great, it could have been a big pay per view match if done with enough story.

Overall a solid 8 out of 10 that if you have 90 minutes to kill is worth checking out! Keep up the great work!

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Does anyone else feel uneasy at times watching Daniel Bryan wrestle? As soon as he screwed up his top rope backflip I kept getting nervous he was gonna get hurt. I don’t know maybe because he was in there with Big Cass but every time he takes dive or getting thrown over the announce table I cringe. Maybe it was just tonight and I know every wrestler is one bad bump away from having to hang it up but it’s a heightened sense of anxiety with him. Do you guys agree or is it just me?

Tyler from Orlando

Once again SDLive was a better show than RAW, did Road Dogg move to RAW or something? I totally called Andrade Cien Almas’ 1st feud being with Sin Cara but I forgot to post it on the forum. I’m digging Big Cass more than I was during his short heel run before he got injured. I thought AJ had a good promo backstage, and it was nice to see Tye Dillinger on tv again, I recently saw him at a NXT house show as a surprise opponent against the German guy Marcel Barthel. He cut a promo at that show saying he knows we are wondering what he’s doing back in NXT and a woman shouted “because it’s better!” And he responded “I didn’t say that ok!” Sarcastically. Overall I gave Smackdown a 7/10 and I hope Joe wins the Money in the Bank.

Good episode of Smackdown Live. Felt this was very NXT-like. A great in ring promo from Joe to start and build heat, the use of another lesser guy in Cass so to not blow Bryan and Joe as a singles match, and really appropriate use of Tye Dillinger. More guys at Tyes level need to be used as credible guys to do jobs for stars. That formula has helped foster NXT guys thru that system and I’d like to see the same applied to SD Live.

SideNote: Kenny Omega looks JACKED!

Best segment of the week in TV so far goes to Kenny’s promo and Rocky montage from Being the Elite. This is SO simple and so effective. And I cannot wait for Dominion!

Monday from Detroit,

After the B-Team BBQ, don’t you think that The Usos are relieved to have stayed on Smackdown?

Also, with Andre Cien Almas on the roster, Smackdown now has a members of Bullet Club, Chaos and Los Ingobernables.

Finally, aside from Smackdown Live being 2 hours, I think what contributes to the show being more digestible than RAW is the superior 3 man booth of Philips, Saxton and Graves. I think some praise has been missing for Tom Phillips who I find much more palatable than Michael Cole.


P.S. Part 2 of Terrace House: Opening New Doors is back!

Charbel form Victoriaville
Holy crap Smackdown was really good , fun and a easy two hour sitting! What can top that 6 man tag ? I always watch wrestling with my cell phone browsing the web or working at the same time but boy … when I saw again the lucha house party and Kendrick/Gallagher I was really tired and sleepy even my wife came to check up on me to see if I was sleeping !! But boy , holy , what was that title match , it was out of this world . It was so intriguing, i was literally at the edge of my seat I was for sure thinking Alexander would lose his match via hometown heat but mama Mia !!! Commentary was good , the match super fast , hard hitting , good storytelling, good false finishes! For me it was almost as good as Almas/Gargano !! Please tell me who the hell is buddy Murphy , I know he got praise from Aleister black but man !? And why couldn’t they put that on raw or even why isn’t cedrick the next Bobby Lashley , I don’t give a shit about him and you have a pure athlete in Cedrick doing all sort of move ?
Small question could this Match earn a 5star rating from metlzer even if it is not njpw or roh?