FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/29/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Been a long day apart of a very long week. Figured I’d relax with some smack down. Holy shit, what was that opening segment? Why? What for? Bottom of the barrel & tasteless. Are they going to make fun of Alexa’s past eating disorder next?! Worst part is, nothing changed! Bryan is facing Styles making this whole thing completely unnecessary.Thought Otis playing the role of Phoebe Cates from fast Times at Ridgemont high was super funny, but that opening segment kind of soured me on the show itself. I refuse to believe WWE is this tone deaf so do they do things like this purely to piss the fans off and get them talking? It just seems a little too calculated at this point. 2/10

Nick from Lansing

Good look for WWE to end the show with a man who in story was accused of a potential hit and run who made bail in record time. Everyone is gonna talk about how tasteless this angle is and deservedly so

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Jermaine from Chicago. First I want to say to you guys great job. I enjoyed smackdown but I never like these drunk angles from hawk to razor Ramon this is a serious issue and I don’t like seeing it wrestling. But the things I did like was seeing shorty g back. Him and cesaro should produce great matches. When I look at the smackdown roster Sasha has the most talent and should be champion and mandy rose has the most potential to be the next trish. What do you guys think? Finally matt riddle. We all see his talent and he should be a top guy but what do you think vince would see in him to hold him back? Will the surfer look. Weed smoker vibe hurt him being push as the face of smackdown? Thanks have a great weekend. Mandy is special

Alexander from Portland

I’m ambivalent about the show. The Otis/Mandy segment was gold, Sasha winning was amazing, and Cesaro/Gable was great fun. Oppositely, everything with Jeff Hardy was atrocious. Are we supposed to believe Sheamus forced Jeff to drink and drive? Or did Sheamus hit Elias, “wreck” the car, and place Jeff in the vehicle as a scapegoat? This show was promoted around the two tournament matches, and five minutes into the show you’re telling me neither won’t happen. If the ultimate outcome from the tournament was Sheamus advancing and facing Daniel Bryan, why couldn’t Hardy have lost his tournament match to Sheamus? An inebriated-driving Jeff Hardy getting arrested near-immediately, considering what’s going on in the news in Minnesota, is incredibly poor timing. Jeff was apparently shit-faced and arrested at the beginning of the show, and we’re just supposed to cheer for him when he returns in the main event? I assumed he was still wasted. On a positive note, Kurt Angle endorsing Matt Riddle was an amazing way to introduce him. It’s a shame Angle isn’t a part of the company anymore, having him as a manager for Riddle could lead to some incredibly entertaining television. 5/10

Brandon from Oshawa

Maybe I’m going to get some heat for this, but I loved the opening segment. This is what I want more of in wrestling. I thought they started what could be a great story, without making the drinking out to be a joke or a comedy. I did fall asleep before the end of the show, so from reading feedback, I’m assuming I won’t like how it turned out, but something like this could have set up a fun mystery, while adding some realism that a guy who has serious issues, is being fucked with.

If Jeff Hardy is OK being apart of a story like this, then I find no reason to find this tasteless or atrocious.