FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/8/20

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Nick from Lansing

One of the better shows main roster WWE has put on post Wrestlemania. I enjoyed Mandy and Sonya and wouldn’t hate a rematch down the road, and it’s hard to complain when Cesaro and Dew Gulack get time in the main event. I’m probably the only person who would want to see this, but could you see the Fiend pinning Braun, having Braun go back under Bray’s wings?

Brandon from Oshawa

This was an enjoyable show. I really liked Mandy vs Sonya and thought they both brought a lot of intensity. Strowman was unbearable tonight. This guy should not be talking. He comes off so corny.

With all these teases of someone being thrown off WWE headquarters, do you think they could get away with something like this being done? Or is it too crazy of an angle? One of my favorite childhood memories was The Giant falling off the roof of cobo hall, because it was something different and he felt like a bad ass coming back later in the night.

Jordan from Kitchener,

5 things I thought about while watching smackdown.

(5) Baron Corbin can’t cut a decent promo to save his life. He sounds like a teenager who’s just going through puberty.
(4) This will be Tamina’s first one on one women’s championship match since facing Paige in 2014. Not including the 24/7 championship.
(3) with Jimmy injuried SmackDown now has legitimately 4 teams. Crazy!
(2) I’m convinced that Sheamus looks like an evil Ronald McDonald. How long till him and Cesaro have the best of seven only to a form tag team and call themselves the Bar.
(1) MITB is a prime example of just how much star power is missing.

Anyways, thanks for letting me think out loud and take care guys.