FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/11/19

What did you think of the show?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I may get a lot of hate for this, but I really think Shane McMahon should challenge Kofi for the WWE Title at the first Smackdown on FOX. We complain a lot about 50/50 booking and no one looking strong, but Shane is by far the top heel in the company right now. He hasnt lost a singles match in nearly 2 years. Is he the ideal person you want in this position? No, of course not. But this is how things have been booked. I think he should get the title shot and win the championship with help from a Big E turn.

Brock should then cash in on Shane a few weeks later and do a build for Brock/Big E at next Wrestlemania. I know most wont go for this, but I’m really enjoying Shane right now and I think this could be an entertaining story.

Paul from New Jersey

I don’t think Miz’s dad will be proud of that springboard attempt.

I’m glad Bayley went over clean while staring Alexa down. It’s sad that I’m excited when WWE gets basic booking decisions. Speaking of which, it’s okay everyone, Phillips explained 5 RAW competitors were on tonight’s show because of an oversight by Shane. Still, not a terrible show. Raptors in 7.

P.S. as Black was screaming “FIGHT ME” out an open door, the shot quickly bled into Bayley smiling, music blaring loudly. A friend and I proceeded to burst out laughing. I don’t know why, it was just a very funny transition.


I must say. Wai Ting is a huge draw in this business. We have posters on the forum who haven’t posted in a year coming out for the Wai Ting debate thread. As Brother Nate said - the best thing going today, Jack

You guys are Patreon Saints delivering high quality Discussion night after night. More into the reviews you do than the actual shows on TV Monday and Tuesday.

Some random feedback tidbits since Double Shot got moved:

  • New Japan first with the Takover Kenta shirt and then the tweet about Mondays. Welcome to the dump on WWE party
  • Hunter really going to go to Japan and team with Aj and The Club right before Gallows and Anderson leave. Unreal. These guys were gold on their Podcast and they are going to have some must listen to good brother shit soon as they get out of jail. Why antagonize them?
  • they are offering 5yr deals to new NXT signees. Would either of you accept that In this market
  • With Kenta debuting in New Japan it got me thinking how incredible a return of Nakamura would be. What would be bigger for New Japan than that in the next 18 months?

Long Island Joe

Random Thoughts:

I really liked what they did with Aleister Black tonight. His promos needed a change and I like what they did.

I like that Kofi is more serious even in “New Day Mode”. I am starting to feel like he needs a long title run then maybe have Orton take the title off of him eventually for one last run leading to Black taking it off of him.

Firefly Fun House took a good turn tonight. I barely watched RAW last night and missed it. I have enjoyed most of them so far. Just worried about when he debuts in ring. What do you guys think about him wrestling as his Firefly character most of the time and occasionally using the mask or is that too much like Finn with the Demon? I feel like with Bray they could at least have him change his style depending on which character he is.

Final Thought

We need a Review A NBA next season

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Ughhhh Brandonfrmnj

My dearest call back to back timeouts while Kahwai was in god mode

Greetings my bros adjacent I have returned. Been some time since we spoke I promise I won’t keep you long, smackdown was an easy watch. I really am enjoying the Shane run I wish he would be more a manager than a wrestler cause he gases out quicker than Konnan in his run in 99. Other than that nothing memorable well other than dolf complaining and Gable looking like a fav to win BOSJ next year after his match with gentleman jack on 205Dead.


-you think Ibushi used some of that Goldbaum that they were advertising on smackdown after his match with Naito

-Bailey being a hooker does that make the drug lord no way Jose her pimp

-shouldn’t Ronnie Garvin be the mascot for stomping grounds

-tic tock Wai tic tock Aug 11 I’m coming THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN PICK A FIGHT WITH ME lol. Jays play the yanks that weekend going to that and an art instillation.

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