FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/19/18

On tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown, we will chat tonight’s episode, the release of Big Cass, WWE / MSG / ROH, the G1 cards and take your questions & feedback.


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Tyler from Orlando,

Another solid episode of SDLive tonight, although I was bummed they didn’t have time for Almas and Sin Cara. Gauntlet match was great, Daniel Bryan scares the crap out of me weekly, but that scoop slam spot especially worried me. I think Rusev winning was the right move, most probably expected Joe but Rusev deserves this after all these years, him and AJ will likely have a great match.

Random New Japan question for you guys - Do you think the Guerrilas of Destiny could ever make way to WWE or Impact? I feel they aren’t used enough in New Japan, they weren’t even on the Supercard of Honor or Dominon shows, which they were on in 2017. Also Tama Tonga will likely finish 2nd to last in his block for the G1, only topping Toru Yano probably.

Great work as always guys, appreciate all the quality shows.

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Louis from Long Beach.

Really liked this show for the most part.

It seems like we might be getting Brother Nero on Smackdown live? I’m not sure if that character works nearly as well without Matt next to him.

Having the 2nd hour dedicated to the gauntlet was the right move and they managed to protect both Brian and Joe despite neither of them getting the win. Big E had a good match with Brian and I hope this is the beginning of him getting more of a look as a singles star.

I’m glad to see Rusev finally getting a title shot after all these years and with that handshake is he now officially a babyface? I could have really done without that final sequence with Aiden however.

Seeing Andrade get bumped again I can’t help but think of the conversation you two had when the roster shake up happened this year. Does Smackdown have too much talent to consistently feature their best stars?

I think its good for people to have weeks off to build anticipation but by the time they get back to the Sin Cara Andrade stuff most of the audience will have forgotten about it.

Great episode of SmackDown. Really don’t understand where they’re going w Bryan at this point. Glad to see Rusev get a title shot. Do you think that bit at the end w the handshake and Aiden getting punched is the start of Aiden eventually turning on Rusev or vice versa? Good debut by sanity too hopefully they’ll still be on tv in three weeks unlike aop.

Chris from Virginia

Very good edition of Smackdown overall. BROTHER NERO! I knew you’d come. Enigmatic Jeff Hardy vs. Heel Nakamura should be fun. Also, I used to hate gauntlet matches, but 2018 has changed my mind between the great Raw Gauntlet in February and tonight’s good edition. Too bad Talking Smack isn’t around for The Miz and Daniel Bryan to react to what happened. But it is Rusev Day at least!

My question for you guys is about Becky Lynch. Jim Ross and Bully Ray both commented that WWE needed to do more with Becky Lynch after the crowd reaction at Money in the Bank. But with a deep Smackdown Women’s roster, do you think Becky should be the one to defeat Carmella for the title? If not, who? Happy 6-1-9 Everyone!

Great Smackdown tonight. I honestly marked out on my couch when Rusev got the win. It’s definitely a few months late getting him into the main event, but him and AJ should have a great match.

The WWE seems to really be liking these gauntlet matches. I’m looking forward to the inevitable 8 hour Greatest Gauntlet Match network special from Saudi Arabia next year.


Mark from Vaughan

SD has been solid lately after a bit of a down period. The main event was fun and gives us even more evidence of why the New Day members should continue branching off into singles endeavours. Big E is ready for more. Didn’t get the Bludgeon Brothers interference with Bryan but glad to see Rusev get a shot.

Question: How do you feel about Jeff Hardy’s imminent program with Nakamura? I like the dual weirdos vibe already and it would be nice if Shinsuke could win the title and have a good run with it. The character has been too entertaining not to give him more.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Excellent show as usual from Smackdown. They really kept me guessing with that main event. First I thought Joe for sure, then I thought Miz for sure, but I’m glad it’s Rusev, even though it’s probably a one off program.

Bryan is going to probably want revenge on the Bludgeon Brothers, who do you guys think his partner will be? I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with their favourite unlikely allies and have Bryan & Miz.

Matt in the 604

Great episode. I thought Rene was going to ref a match with her jacket! Loved the Sanity debut.

Any more info on Big Cass?

Matt from Melbourne.

Great episode of Smackdown.

Let’s hope they don’t ruin AJ vs Rusev by adding some stupid extreme gimmick for the sake of it.

I just have a simple question : where is Shane ??