FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/4/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Mike from MN

I will start off positive, I enjoyed the Goldberg and Taker part of the show. I still think there is money to be made with Goldberg in the future if they ever decided to use him more.

Now the bad…Either have a damn brand split or don’t…either way I do not care. But do not call it a brand split, then toss out a silly wildcard rule and then ignore the damn rules of the wildcard! Half the people on the show tonight were from Raw! And now a Raw talent is going for the Smackdown Women’s title?? None of this makes any sense and is getting more and more hard to spend 5 hours a week on.

Paul from New Jersey

Byron: I couldn’t think of a better way to start off SDLive.

Corey: How about a lobotomy?

The wild card has really killed of the product for me. These shows now consist of the same 8 people getting air time while everyone else is either eating catering or chasing R-Truth.
Way to destroy your mid card.

If the 24\7 Title is ruining R-Truth’s life, why does he want to win it back?

Why would Alexa be challenging for the SD Women’s title?

If I continue to watch these shows on a weekly basis, am I the asshole? Hopefully, this will get better after the Saudi bloodmoney show, however if it doesn’t I think I’m just going to stop watching live and listen to the sweet sounds of Pollock and the Cowboy.


Aleister Black’s promos have been much better. They are much more coherent and you can understand what he wants. He’s bored, lonely and wants somebody to play with. Easy enough.

I didn’t think Lors Sullivan sounded half bad. Not to mention, he didn’t say anything racist so there is that.

2 out of 10.


Andrew from Cape Breton

So it’s always fun to see how many people they do with the Wild Card rule. They have actually done 4 a few times, but it’s mostly 5 or something. Tonight, the rule was beaten into powder and snorted up like it was WWF in the 80s. 12 people from Raw were on tonight. If by some weird reason you don’t want to count the 24/7 guys, there were still 5 people. What sucks is it’s hard to get into a show when the logic of the show is just destroyed on a regular basis. They’re half pregnant with this brand split. Then we have the Lars Sullivan interview in which he said that his primary purpose is to dehumanize people, which was the highlight of the night. I also like how he hates the use of certain words and how they offend him. This show was a mess.

Joey from Queens,

Isn’t a slide show presenting you the matches to a card funded by Saudi government war criminals such a fitting way to end a contemporary episode of weekly WWE programming?

There is absolutely 0 heart to anything on WWE’s television and I felt like I was back in Organic Chemistry in college. The only notable parts of the show was the addition of my near and dear Elias to the loser locker room and Alexa Bliss executing a very subpar Canadian Destroyer. Maybe she needs to give Dustin Rhodes a call. Everything else was a stock, uninspired episode of Smackdown.

Perhaps I’m being to harsh on this episode specifically but I’m so fed up with this presentation of WWE it’s driving me crazy. I canceled the network and will watch vicariously though you gentleman for the foreseeable future.

Overall Grade: 3 out of 10

P.S I counted 5 wild card superstars, but that might have just been the weed.


I fast forward the first hour and a half of the show. During the TiVo fast forward I was able to count 5 Goldberg graphics. So let me ask this, if he’s so promotable and such an attraction why don’t they use him more?

Okay now out of morbid curiosity I decided to watch Lars speak. Why??? Whyyyyy??? Why is he speaking? From Freak to Geek - The Lars Sullivan interview.

Didn’t get to leave this feedback last night but since I’m getting to watch the Raw segment again on Smackdown - watching Orton and Hunter has made me clamor for Orton and Cody. That match today in an AEW environment with the Legacy backstory and where their careers went would be fascinating.

I thought Goldberg missed a chance to say Taker shouldn’t bring the version that lost to Brock and Roman at Wrestlemania but bring the 21-0 version. In response to the family man line and Goldberg mentioning his streak. Otherwise, cool segment .and Goldberg was way better than I expected live… There is money to be made with Goldberg KO again, Goldberg Roman, and Goldberg AJ.

Alexander from Portland

I have to give WWE kudos, R-Truth being 24/7 Champ is for the best. If he broke Ric Flair’s record but with this title, I’d be into that story. Curious to see who wins between Goldberg and Undertaker, even more curious to see how agile the match will be.

Question: The 24/7 title seems to be attracting a certain clientele. who do you think will be the first prominent person to win the 24/7 Title? Wouldn’t surprise me if Lars Sullivan won it in a few months.

Ughh Brandon Frm NJ

My dearest domdadas

Hello mi amigos a pleasure and salutations great to be back. Better late than never but never late is better said a wise man but hey I hope Wai is in better spirits. Dude seemed a little tweaked nah mean John. Anywhoo smackdown was interesting to set up that crown royal shit show on Friday. The Goldberg(flop sweat? Is this what we got to look forward to when we get older)taker face off was cool. Other than that eh Kofi is a god in Ghana? I dig it. Mandy rose has her diesel in Sonya? Ok.

-Shane’s growl sounds like Hank Kingsley from the Larry Sanders show

-Wai I’m deeply deeply sad how angry you were last night. Here is hoping your in better spirits

-John was the Ruiz knockout of Joshua a game changer for DAZN due to the traffic the fight got after the fact? Also the fat shaming of Ruiz is lame dude is a legit guy you do not wanna fight on 4 weeks notice

-the athletic getting into MMA thoughts also with those guys leaving their old spots does it open up new spots for writers to work full time covering the sport!

-hey Wai tic tock tic tock August 11th Toronto, …Ontario Canada!!!This is what you call a paradigm shift!