FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/5/18

Leave your feedback for Rewind-A-SmackDown and the result of the Punk-Cabana-Amann Defamation Trial:

What did you think of SD?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I felt like this was 2 different shows. I found the first hour to be very weak, maybe the weakest hour Smackdown has had since the Superstar Shakeup. I did not need to see the first 30 minutes, focusing on the Carmella-Asuka feud. The second hour I thought was excellent. A couple decent matches, a quick and effective backstage contract signing and Andrade-Sin Cara were all great. My highlight though, was the Big Cass interview. Not for the promo itself, because I thought it was crap, but for the location. I’m a big fan of using different locations in the arena. This reminded me of the old Mean Gene interviews, when they’d stand on the stage at the side near the entrance. I thought it was fresh and there were some great camera angles as well.

I have a question about Dominion, how long do you guys think Okada-Omega will go? And how long do you think it should go?

Noah from Vaughan

Decent episode of Smackdown, haven’t been able to watch most of the past months episodes of Raw and Smackdown because I was on vacation in Japan, but listening to your reviews have been excellent in keeping me in the loop so that when I watched smackdown tonight I had a good idea of where things are at. Really enjoyed the Contract signing segment which showed an aggressive AJ Styles, something that has been missing these past few months.

Also really liked Carmella’s presence on the show and I think she’s really grown these past few months into an excellent promo and top heel in the Smackdown Women’s division. What are your thoughts on Carmella’s Performance post-wrestlemania?