FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/5/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Chris Thunder from Down Under

A year and a half into the Women’s Tag Team Championship and it somehow feels less important than ever.

Hardly any women’s teams were really established on any of the brand’s prior to the pandemic. The lineage has done an entire u-turn from Asuka-Sane as 4th champs back to Bailey-Banks as 7th champs.

The whole division just feels like it’s been reset today, and apart from The past 4 champions what real challengers are left on the main roster?

Paul from New Jersey

I actually enjoyed the hijinks of Miz & Morrison tonight. Perhaps it doesn’t feel like a main event story, but I always thought Miz had another world title run in him. Perhaps a longshot, but I would not be mad if Miz won the Universal title. The part with Kayla was funny. Charles Betts was a high school championship wrestler in Minnesota of all places & an Olympic Wrestling. Please stop calling him Shorty G.

It’s just wrong. If we learned anything from the “Terri No!” Promo, it’s that Jeff Hardy isn’t a seasoned actor. This feud is awful. The person behind this is obviously Christie Hemme in a fake beard. The proof is in her last name. Question, do we see Sasha & Bayley on RAW? Bliss & Cross were pulling double duty as champions.

check out the link I posted on the forum. Joe Rogan interviews a former police officer who worked in Baltimore for 11 years. He talks very openly about institutional racism in law-enforcement. You don’t often get to hear police talk this way & I think it’s an important lesson. Thanks as always.

Jermaine from Chicago. Ok let’s talk about smackdown. You guys are wrestling historians in a way. Can you think of a more goofier build to a championship match then pulling pranks on someone? Vince is so far from making the title something prestigious. Why does vince think his viewers are so stupid that jeff Hardy has to explain in detail that he was framed? With the wwe updating after the show. We’re we suppose to believe that he broke out of jail and went back to work on national tv? Lastly what happen to tucker? Is he the new Marty Jannetty? What do you do when your partner is clearly the star and you are just there? Otis eats steak while tucker eats pins. It was a ok show with the current circumstances. Have a great week thanks for having nate on the show this week

Brandon from Oshawa

A couple weeks ago, you guys shit all over that Nitro 2000 episode on Review-A-Wai. I’m sorry, but there was nothing on that show, that was worse than this Miz and Morrison garbage tonight. It was not at all funny, unless you’re 5 years old. It should not be taking place in a main event feud and it’s just boring. At least the crap in WCW was laughable at how bad it was. I wanted to watch back then and still would watch now. You couldn’t pay me to want to go back and watch this shit.

Nick from Lansing

Between Otis stealing the crown and just the… everything about Miz and Morrison is it safe to assume Vince McMahon is terrible at pranks?

Andrew from Cape Breton

When John Morrison came back this year, I felt that after seeing him get a couple of wins under his belt that he would end up becoming a World Title contender post Wrestlemania. I guess I was half right. This whole feud with Strowman has been awful, but I feel that Morrison by himself could have done something against a babyface World Title contender. He’s extremely talented and it’s a shame that he’s basically doing a jackass rip off. Other then that, it was great to see Drew Gulak get a strong win and I feel this will end up with Styles getting the belt and defending against Gulak at the pay per view. It was an ok show, 5 out of 10. Question for the both of you. What would you do with Jaxson Ryker and the Forgotten Sons? I have a feeling that many wrestlers wouldn’t want to work with Ryker specifically and if that’s the case, what would you do with the gimmick as a whole and Ryker himself?

Guys, I tried. In a week where I had my gallbladder removed and took a Preop COVID test, this was more painful to endure. I am so glad I have to go to bed early when I’m healthy for work.
The one thing I found redeeming is Mandy constantly looking at the briefcase. I feel Otis will give it to her and have her turn on him.
Honestly, I don’t give you guys enough Patreon to endure this twice a week.

Thanks for everything,

I thought the show was OK. I have a feeling the Miz/Morison stuff is going to be met with a lot of criticism from the online fans, but to be honest I didnt mind it. I don’t like that it’s being used in a main event storyline for the world title, but that aside I was entertained.

Hardy stuff is OK, Jeff’s promo was a bit awkward, but I didn’t think he was bad.

Deville vs Evans was nothing special. I am really into Sonya’s character right now, and I was disappointed to see her take the pin.

AJ vs Gulak was good. The rest of the matches I fast forwarded through, I’m going to watch the tag title match tomorrow.

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