FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/10/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Unfortunately there will be no live RASD tonight, but we’ll be recording a taped show for your Patreon feeds as usual.

Paul from New Jersey

It’s not the subject matter that bothers me with the Hardy angle, it’s the lazy manner in which it has been carried out. It’s just stupid. Enjoying Bayley a great deal & a part of me was intrigued by the karaoke segment. Then I watched it. Wow, just wow. I feel bad for Dana Brooke. This was awful. Can one of you tell me anything of note that happened on the show? This was a 1

Andrew from Cape Breton

I’m jealous of Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. If I was in a match like that and lost my vision, I wouldn’t have had to witness that karaoke segment tonight. Jeff Jarrett sang With My Baby Tonight better, and he was lip syncing. But in all seriousness, I have to ask. What happens if Jeff Hardy relapses? WWE is not a proactive company as we are all aware with the recent COVID-19 outbreak. As much as they are trying to say that Miz, Morrison and Sheamus are all heels, I can’t help but wonder what toll this is taking on Jeff’s mental health considering the only angles WWE can think of with him are ones involving his drug addiction. WWE will go forward with their plans until something really bad happens, that’s just the WWE way. That’s the biggest reason this angle with Jeff Hardy makes me uncomfortable. WWE have the foresight of a fish. Speaking of having the foresight of a fish, are you guys excited for next week’s Intercontinental Title match with Matt Riddle? 3 out of 10 show.

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Alexander from Portland

That episode was dreadful. The karaoke angle got nobody over, the women’s division is weak without Bayley or Sasha and tonight showed that. Sheamus skyping into the show was hilarious, I can’t wait to see WWE’s version of what Jake Hagar and Hangman Page did at the stadium stampede bar. The Bray/Braun match was bad and seeing it again tonight didn’t make the experience any better. None of the in-ring held up, awful promos. This horror show was a waste of time. At least someone went through a table, that’s always interesting.

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Erin from Brampton

I can’t say I enjoyed this episode. Aside from the Miz TV opening segment, there wasn’t a whole lot going on. It’s unfortunate, because it felt like Smackdown had a long streak of good episodes.

2/10 for me

Question for you guys: Now that the NBA and NHL are set to return soon, is there anything about those sports you’re looking forward to seeing? I know you two have your hands full, but do you plan on keeping either basketball or hockey on all day while you get other work done?

Oof. That is all. Oof.
Rich in Winnipeg.

Ok, I’m not even going to bother going over the bad because its obvious.

As for the good (full disclosure, I fast forwarded through every match, and I’m watching the main event tomorrow). I really liked the opening segment. I feel that either Jeff is being given leeway with his promo’s, he’s gotten better as an actor, or the writing is better. Either way, I felt he did a really good job and he came across as believable IMO.

Now to be clear, I am praising his performance, I am not saying I like the storyline.

Pathetic show. FOX must be thrilled they paid so much money to air karaoke contests and old PPV matches.

Remember when people thought Smackdown would be more sports oriented :laughing: