FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/16/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

I found this to be one of the best televisions of the year. I’m a fan of Liv Morgan and I believe she had a very good performance. Bayley Vs. Ember sounds good, the New Day were hilarious and those fighting champion Aussie goddesses retained their championships. Storylines progressed and we got to see some talent we usually don’t get to see. If I had one complaint, I was eating meatloaf and spit some out laughing when Shane said something to the effect of -But your not on this brand Cesaro-. The cheek of Shane or whoever scripted that line.

9 Demolotion Man references out of 10.

Joey from Queens,

While this show stills has a few edges that need to be roughed out, this was a refreshingly good episode of WWE TV.

Cesaro and Black was a killer TV match and the shot of Cesaro’s mouthpiece on the floor after the Black Mass reminded me why Kevin Dunn still gets a paycheck from WWE. I’m very pleased to know people like Liv Morgan and Buddy Murphy are in fact still employed and the rest of the matches while nothing overally stellar were completely acceptable for weekly TV and did not make me want to do a shooting star press out my bedroom window like in the build up to the Saudi Show.

However the best part of this show was the proper use of Shane McMahon. While is punches are considered a national treasure here in the States, he should not be going punch for punch in matches with Roman Reigns no matter how much help he gets. He is now allowed to excel at his most valuable trait without exposing his glaring weaknesses between the ropes.

Overall Grade: 7 out of 10

What an enjoyable episode. It felt like I was given more character story and I’m hooked. I didn’t care much for Liv Morgan, but now I’m ready to see what she does next. Bayley vs Ember is something I think could bring us some unexpected great matches based on what we know they’re capable of.

I really liked how orton sold for Kofi, he took some nice bumps. But having Orton win and pin Kofi created tension on that championship.

I need to see more of that insane elbow, it’s so good. I like the chase of the kabuki warriors after the iconics.

I love a hot mic around Kevin Owens, his banter during matches is the stuff of legends. I’m still not sure about the stunner as his new finisher. And Owens running away kinda didn’t seem right, especially as Shane again, gets the last word.

It’s tough to explain but I overall I genually felt a good vibe on this show. 7 out of 10.