FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/17/18

Leave us your feedback and questions coming out of Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live.


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Mark from Vaughan

Enjoyed the showcase for Almas after being in limbo for so long. Hanging with AJ in a long, competitive match did more for his stock than anything that preceded it since NXT.

Question: Is Samoa Joe the safest bet for AJ’s title contender? Heel options on SDare limited with Nakamura as US Champion and Miz occupied. Also, why does WWE insist on giving us variations of the match we’re getting on PPV as a preview? They love making us see something 3-4 times before the “important” meeting.

Anthony from Philly.

SmackDown just has a good flow and energy to it this year that makes it hard to not enjoy and tonight made me happy because I feel like they’re going in directions I like:

I feel like the Almas match planted seeds for a future program; the Aiden/Lana promo plants seeds of either a split or forgiveness; Becky’s wins of late may actually lead to a logical title match; Miz and Bryan continue to be great together; Orton may either be going for Nakamura or continuing to take out Hardy.

It’s nice to have a WWE main roster show where you’re more positive on the future than negative.

7 Gauge earrings I WILL NEVER, EVER GET out of 10.

Question: Charlotte announced she is returning in two weeks on SmackDown in an interview with Maria Menounous. How do you think she factors into SummerSlam, knowing that the Becky/Carmella match nex week could set up SummerSlam before Charlotte returns?


Randy Orton is a nasty son of a bitch! Sticking his finger in Jeff’s enlarged pierced ear lobe and pulling on it. I bet he didn’t even wash his hands, then went back to catering and ate Hors d’oeuvre (finger foods) while licking his fingers clean. THAT’S the top hell I need in Wrestling!

SmackDown as a fun show!

6.5 "Randy asking “Where’s Nakamura”'s out of 10

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Tommy from Scotland

It’s been a long time but I’m actually happy after a WWE show. I enjoyed AJ/Almas, hopefully we get AJ/Joe at Summerslam. The Miz is great. Finally we get heel Orton, that ear pulling spot was brutal. Lastly John, I truly hope you bring the Blue Jays back to prominence. Please keep us updated.

Matt from Melbourne.

Wow! What a great episode of Smackdown!

How can they get it so right on one brand and so horribly wrong on the other?

Do the shows currently have different writing teams? Or do you just put it down to a better collection of talent on Smackdown?

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Mike from NY

I think this was an OK Smackdown overall. I don’t think they should’ve had Almas face AJ so soon. What happened to building up a wrestler to face off with the champion?

The Miz - Daniel Bryan program is ready to go full steam ahead into Summerslam and I’m liking that. Becky will beat Carmella next week to set up the Summerslam match. Hopefully Becky gets the title off her. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with Nakamura and Orton. Both are heels, so are we getting heel vs heel, or is Orton facing AJ?

Thanks for all the hard work guys. We all appreciate ya.

I remember you. How goes it, smirnoff?

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Steve from BC

I really liked tonights Smackdown. The promo from Becky was good and the prospect of her potentially ending Carmella’s horrible title run at Summerslam has me excited.

The post match beatdown from Randy Orton was well executed and I’ve already got more interest in Randy Orton in the last 2 shows than I have the last 2 years.

Overall while not the greatest show, Smackdown delivered some decent matches and seemed to have a much more clearer direction than Raw has had in months.

Question: What do you think is the biggest reason that Smackdown seems to be a more watchable show of late? Would you chalk it up to the 2 hour format? I just have a hard time understanding how Vince McMahon is responsible for both Raw and Smackdown when they are so far apart in terms of quality and interest.

Brandon from Oshawa

This is the Randy Orton we’ve been missing for years. He needs to just not give a shit and go after all the fan favorites and do despicable things. I really think he should actually do the opposite of his Legend Killer gimmick and now go after all the younger talent.

One of the things I love about New Japan, is when a new challenger just comes down to the ring and says he wants the next title shot. I felt like that was what they were doing with Becky, but then they just had to go with one of their favorite stipulations, of a match, to earn another match. Hopefully Becky walks away from this feud as the champ, because she deserves it and should break Elsworths arm. I want to see him wear a cast and have a never healing broken arm.

Still going well, on this and other forums. Decided to re-up to the $6 tier because these guys are too good to not get at least that.

Review-a-Raw last night is maybe the best in ages.

I probably won’t post as much here, but occasionally for these shows.

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Jeremy in Texas

Solid episode of SmackDown tonight. Heel Orton is the best Orton but I cringed with that close up of his finger in Jeff Hardy’s ear.

I was a bit surprised to see Almas vs AJ with virtually no build. With Miz and Daniel Bryan on course for Summerslam, AJ vs Joe seems to be the title match, or could they go way into the bag of tricks and bring Cena in for the chase of championship number 17?