FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/2/19

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown?

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Jay from Colorado

That might have been the best Shelton Benjamin promo ever, maybe the best promo of all time.

Also Otis is and continues to be a global treasure. We all must do everything we can to cherish and honor him.

Kofi’s middle fingerwas a defining moment in my opinion, and something that’ll be played back in highlight reels for years to come. I replayed it several times.

And Kevin Owens was ON FIRE. His promo on Dolph was perfect.

Just like Raw last night, SmackDown felt different and fresh tonight. I don’t know how much is due to Bischoff but I’ll be watching next week, although I will still be skipping out on Extreme Rules. This needs to continue for awhile before I consider renewing my subscription to the network. They’ve fooled me in the past, but I’m not gonna lie they have my attention again.

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MJ from…

W W E is Back

*this feedback is guaranteed to age poorly.


AJ from PA

Another good show from WWE and it does feel like the product is starting to slowly climb out of the slump. Summerslam always brings natural excitement for me so hopefully they can capitalize on the momentum.

I actually wish they kept Dolph and Owen’s together as a team. They had some good chemistry in that backstage segment.

I liked the way the Kofi/Joe segment ended. The middle finger was great but I felt like they were cutting two different promos at one point. Kofi was verging on 2010 Cena territory and fat jokes dont work for babyfaces in 2019. They mostly illicit groans from the audience.

Randy Orton is my prediction for the mystery door knocker

Paul from New Jersey

I found this to be a pretty solid episode. Good storyline progression. Heavy Machinery has really impressed both cutting promos and in the ring. Having Xavier and Bryan on commentary was a nice touch as well. Black really should’ve answered the door last week. If he did, he wouldn’t have to wait to know who his opponent is at extreme rules. If he isn’t getting what he wants out of life, maybe he should look in the Black Mirror.

Still improving but not a fan of the amount of recaps from Raw on this show. It drags how often they go back.

I love Joe as the smart, psychological heel and they did that segment without a negative cost to Kofi. Heels should be smart and intense and so should faced. This was a great example of both getting a shine from their segment instead of one getting shine at the cost of the other.

Also, maybe this is a sign of them going back to the original idea of Kevin Owens as an avatar for the average fan — saying what we only want to.

The women’s stuff could benefit from more of the sports presented atmosphere but at least tonight didn’t have the salaciousness of last night. One week in and I’m interested in where both WWE shows go…which is good as I have not watched weekly since Mania season.

Good show. WWE didn’t make me feel like I wasted my time watching. Hopefully it’s more than placebo effect. The commercial break gimmick will get old before I get used to it, though.
Owens was the MVP of the night.