FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/23/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Well, this show was better than that utter dumpster fire last night. I like the storytelling of Orton/Kofi. They added depth tonight much like they did with Becky and Nattie. Xavier Woods and Big E were hilarious and HBK sounded good. Enjoyed Bray again, the handling of this character has been top notch so far.

Xavier and E pulling for Owens, yet saying they don’t like him is a nice touch. If the three of them were buddy buddy, it would be stupid. I get so excited when things make basic sense with this company.

what was up with that one minute women’s match? Seemed like they were advertising it pretty hard.

what the heck was Mandy trying to say? Something about the IIconic’s and Kevin Owens? Not her best.

Jalen from Pickering,

A samoan top guy and a white guy delivering a stunner to an evil McMahon. I feel like we’ve seen this before. That kind of booking combined with the raw reunion has made these current guys look terrible.
Also, the women have been getting super shafted lately, it’s sad to see.
Randy and Kofi should be great though, off to a good start as Randy continues to do some of the best promos of his career as the grizzled vet.

Jay from Colorado

Definitely a better show than last night. Not really much to say about it though aside from the fact that they are using Bray Wyatt perfectly. I loved that the children’s host Bray Wyatt is still part of this equation, and I’m looking forward to SummerSlam because of it.

Also, Shane is far from the best in the world, but damn the dude is still one of the best at selling the stunner. He’s just so…majestic.

I just saw that The Dark Side of the Ring is getting a season 2 with a 10 episode order! Really looking forward to seeing what they cover this season. Anything on your guys wishlist in terms of topics?

Andrew from Cape Breton

When it comes to how Samoa Joe is being booked, I’m trying to look at it from a more optimistic light. He reminds me of Minoru Suzuki. Minoru may not have the best record of someone in New Japan, but he’s always seen as a threat and a bad ass, despite taking loses. As you guys discussed yesterday, Joe can take whatever dialogue he’s given and make it work, and it helps keeping him looking strong and menacing. My fear is they will beat him like Dolph Ziggler, but Dolph just doesn’t have the delivery or the demeanor of Samoa Joe. I also kinda like the tease of Shawn Michaels maybe wrestling again. He looks to be in good shape, and unlike the Saudi Arabia mess, I think he can work with guys every once in awhile that can make him look good, and he’s athletic enough still to hold up his end. The show was ok tonight, 6 Women’s Tag Title matches that will give people a chance at a tag title shot out of 10. That still made more sense then Mandy and Sonya’s promo.

Brian from New York

If WWE is going to go promo-heavy for their TV shows, I thought tonight was a good example of what it can be. Both KO-Shane and Kofi-Orton were able to lean in on a bit of history to enhance their stories. Unlike yesterday, they were able to use a legend to actually enhance current stars and saw HBK give some life to an otherwise pulse-less Miz-Ziggler story. Ali got a unique segment to tell more of his underdog story. And we saw a popular step in the right direction with the Wyatt character having multiple faces to it. Very satisfied with how many stories they spent time moving forward and even with shorter amount of wrestling on the show, loved seeing them dedicate time to a Nakamura-Crews match. Thumbs up show.

The one question coming out of it (if it wasn’t covered in the review) - who do you think Charlotte is facing at Summerslam? Seems like the obvious choice in Toronto is Trish. That would definitely be exciting to see.

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It’s been over an hour and that Orton promo still has me in chills. His delivery is the reason why he is still one of the best performers in the company right now. Some would say that Orton made Kofi look weak, but it was the exact opposite has he told actual facts while being a smug bastard about it. That’s how a heel should be.

This is one match that I am NOW excited to see in two week (and some change).

A solid “Nate Milton review” out of 10

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The New Day on commentary was a delight. Their references to past encounters with different people (such as not liking what Owens did Kofi but still wanting to see him beat up Shane, mentioning they’ve faced Shinsuke before, etc.) made this episode feel more than something that was written after dinnertime on the East Coast.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

Just dropping in to give my two cents for the Balor/Bray feud. I actually hope Finn shows up at SummerSlam as the Demon and Bray pins him clean. Bray’s biggest problem before was that he talked a big game and then either lost every feud or went 50/50 in it. Instead of having him beat Balor now just to lose to the Demon in a couple of months, give Bray a meaningful win over the Demon and really get behind him with this re-branded character.

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Mike from MN

Good show tonight! I really love having HBK in the the Miz/Ziggler feud, much needed! Orton showed us all once again why he will go down as one of the best of all time. With KO getting the best of Shane every week, I really fear that Shane will beat him at SummerSlam. I know I am in the minority, but I thought the new day was annoying on commentary. My question is Vince down on the Woman right now? Two shows about 75 seconds worth of matches?