FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/24/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Glad to see WWE is still doing the insert promos at the start of the show despite some of the content & didn’t think I would ever be saying this, but Bayley has become one of the best heels in this company. Making two best friends tear each other apart for a chance at gold is solid booking. Corbin has really come into his own & although I feel Twitter is a cesspool full of mouth breathers, Naomi did great tonight. I’d like to see her in the ring more often. Big E gets his long anticipated singles run while AJ was quite entertaining on commentary. Keep the bar fights & globe luxation, just give me some sensible booking every once in awhile. 6.5 Seth Rollins pukes out of 10.


Admittedly I haven’t watched much lately so if I’m out of touch I apologize. The opening segment was great! Bayley has become my favourite character on the show.

Gran Metalik and AJ Styles will have a great match and I’m happy to see him get these opportunities. But how do so many guys survive so many big moves while Shorty G can’t kick out of an elbow drop? Shitty finish.

People want adult-oriented storylines from WWE and then cry foul when they run an addiction angle. I see nothing wrong with how they’ve handled it as they don’t glorify Jeff’s past and he’s clearly a man trying to redeem himself.

That being said, 95% of this bar fight was great! A little bit of the ole ultra-violence to kick things off. Too bad they brought in a bootleg M. Night Shyamalan to come up with that “twist” finish. How jacked up was that? Just let them beat the shit out of each other.

Oh well. They let Shinsuke and Cesaro talk! Big E singles run coming soon! It was pretty good. 8/10

Andrew from Cape Breton

If there is something Wai might disagree with me the most, it could be this statement. Bray Wyatt is the Tom Green of this era. At first, it was interesting and different, but now, it’s a little weird, senseless and dumb. After the Swamp Fight, I’ve fallen off the Bray Wyatt bandwagon, and now that Big E is a singles star for the moment is something that has got me hoping. Of all the times to give Big E the Universal Title, it’s now. Maybe they could pay off the Bray/Braun match on Smackdown and have the winner face Big E at Summer Slam. A guy can dream I guess. The show was pretty middle of the road, but I still can’t help but wonder how Jeff Hardy truly feels about this bar fight nonsense. The show was the usual fare, 5 out of 10.


Nick from Lansing

Overall I thought this was a pretty solid episode of Smackdown. Bayley and Sasha never fail to delight me, and their commentary during Nikki and Alexa’s match was great, even if Bayley had a couple deer in the head lights moments (though she wasn’t as bad as AJ later on) I’m glad to see Naomi is being pushed and to see her delivering such good work with the fan support behind her. Big E getting the blessing from Kofi to go out on his own while him and Xavier are on the shelf was great, and I’ll continue my vain hope that The New Day will be the one faction to never have a big blow up, even if the three move on to individual singles run. The qualifier for the IC belt was probably the best match tonight, and the shock win added to it, even if I wanted Gable to get a chance to face AJ. As much as I hated the build up to the Bar Fight, I thought the two performers delivered. It was a pretty solid fight and they used just about everything you’d expect to see in a bar brawl. The end with the facepant? Didn’t get that. Maybe they’ll explain Jeff’s apparent power as part of his being “Woken” by his brother, or maybe we’re just supposed to forget about it. We’ll see what they do next week. Thanks Wai and Kristen!

Just wondering if you have any insight to the Bar Fight being on smackdown?

Although marketed as a “Horror Show” Extreme Rules appeared to use colours synonymous with Jeff Hardy. Given it was an off location/climatic type of match, could they have chosen to move it to smackdown due to the swamp match? Or just a weird coincidence.

Both yourself and John have discussed the pro’s and con’s of moving big matches across TV and away from a PPV model but can you see the booking reverting once crowds are back? I imagine the live gates to PPVs make up a big part of WWEs revenue?

I am 1000% in on Big E. I hope they have something for him; I’m confident he will deliver

I actually thought the show was decent until that main event bar fight, that was way too long and just bad.

Rest of the show was pretty good, as things happened. Cross and Metallik won important matches, Big E seems to be getting a singles run and the Naomi segment was also pretty good.

But that main event sucked so bad. WWE needs to slow it down with these cinematic matches, for the most part they are huge misses

For me Gran Metallik is the best luchador in the world so if we have him at 100% vs AJ, we could have a masterpiece.