FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/3/18

Leave your feedback and questions below for tonight’s Rewind-A-Smackdown with me and John Pollock.

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Chris from Virginia

Good SmackDown overall. I’m glad Daniel Bryan brought up the plot hole in Team Hell No getting back together after all Kane had done. I laughed hard when Kane called Bryan a brother, and Bryan replied “You set your brother on fire.” As for actual wrestling, Hardy vs. Miz was better than anything we saw on Raw last night. But we JUST HAD to have a damn pancakes skit. Thankfully, an Irishman, a German, and a Canadian saved America and the world’s Sanity by ending that contest before it went past 5 seconds. I’m giving this show a 6. Then again, after watching Raw last night and Buff Bagwell vs. Scotty Riggs in a Strap Match at WCW Uncensored 97 before SmackDown, the bar was set pretty low. Take care everyone.


Kane and Bryan have always had great chemistry and it was a nice walk down memory lane to hear some of the callbacks. That said, this feels like a quick money grab to fund Kane’s mayoral campaign…not that I mind.

Interesting that Jeff Hardy was supporting the British with his face paint tonight. Is it that hard to do a simple American Flag design?!

Smackdown continues to push programs linearly and compares to Raw where I have no clue who’s in line for what and what future programs are coming, SD feels more like a wrestling show.

Brandon from Oshawa

I have a sour taste in my mouth after that Raw last night. This show was much better than Raw, but I couldnt get into it at all. I would have prefered if someone other than Miz was just thrown to Jeff Hardy. Another tag team could have been used to heat up Team Hell No, other than The Usos. These guys was so hot late last year and early this year and now they are reduced to being the whipping boys for new or returning teams. I’m getting a bad feeling that Kane is going to turn on Daniel Bryan as a way to further hold off on the Bryan/Miz program. I’ve loved Smackdown since the shake-up, but that Raw really did a number on me when it comes to WWE Programming. On the plus side, England finally won a penalty shoot-out, so theres that.

Question…Wai, you didnt mention the post credit scene from Being The Elite, have you seen it and if you have any thoughts on it?

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Eric in Miami

I hate when WWE doesn’t care about continuation and plot holes so I was very happy Bryan mentioned what happened the last time they were in a program and loved the “You burned your brother” line

Question: do you know what happened with MVP at MLW and does this setup MVP being Lashley’s mouthpiece?

Thanks for all the great work as always

If it’s Bryan v Miz at SS, then surely this PPV with team hell no is one and done? Unless they are saving that match for a future date. Has Bryan signed a new contract yet? Really hoping for a monster Joe title run culminating in Bryan beating him for the title at Wrestlemania for the ultimate feel good moment.

I totally agree with the feedback here. When I saw the match Miz vs. Jeff Hardy I thought maybe Shinsuke was hurt a little worse than reported, and that WWE changed plans and was going to have Miz vs. Bryan eventually be for the US Title. Feeding Miz to Jeff Hardy was a mistake and with the open challenge gimmick it really could have been anyone from the locker room. The Miz is doing great work and doesn’t need to be jobbed out to a mid-card champion.

Same with Team Hell No vs The Usos. Jimmy and Jay are the best tag team in the company right now. Their promo work is excellent, their chemistry is outstanding. I know they’ve shown some decline in 2018 but they still should be pushed as one of the most dominant teams on either brand. WWE could have fed any Smackdown Tag team to Team Hell No, it shouldn’t have been The Usos.