FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/30/19

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

I actually liked Shane’s promo. Funny how he came on the show to announce he wouldn’t be on the show. KO/McIntyre was excellent and I’m not angry at the clean loss loss for Drew. Build him up later. Charlotte and Trish sounded great. Looking forward to that match. At about 8:45 EST, with the countless preview of up coming segments, I there was no friggin way the women’s tag champs were making the show. Weren’t Sonya and Mandy supposed to challenge for the tag team championships to get a shot at the tag team championships? Mandy’s words not mine. Madusa should trash the tag belts.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I know there has been a problem with Smackdown for months where things are announced and then changed and tonight may have been the worst example. It shows how little they value the show and it’s at the point where it’s foolish to plan anything for Smackdown week for week. That being said, they had the best segment between both Raw and Smackdown with Randy Orton’s promo on Kofi Kingston. Just with promos, Orton and Kingston now have the best built match towards SummerSlam. Everything else was ok tonight. Week to week story telling is going to be a little rough but hopefully this trend ends when they’re forced to get numbers on Fox. 4 out of 10.

Jay from Colorado

So I read earlier that Vince franticaly rewrote the show earlier today, and the ending of the show definitely reflected that. It was so out of place, and awkward it just completely threw off the vibe. I kept thinking those EMTs were going to jump Roman, and then it just ended. Like what was that even? Cliffhangers for the purpose of cliffhangers never work out well, I hope they have a plan for this. Even Roman looked confused.

Sincerely yours, Jay from Colorado

Brandon from Oshawa

Forget “Who shot JR?” the big new mystery is “Who tried to murder Roman Reigns?”

I really hope they have a plan for this. Maybe have multiple attempts at taking him out. Multiple suspicious people. I loved the Aleister Black mystery on NXT and its time for the main roster to have a good mystery.