FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/13/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

I figured the Shane/KO feud was going to continue after the Summer Fest, but could we have had one week without Shane? He was awful on the show. A complete drone. Charlotte/Ember was solid and Murphy/Reigns was excellent. We’ve seen a bunch of really good television matches over the last few weeks. Seems to be more of a focus on in ring storytelling which has made the shows a lot better. Good promo from the Revival as well. Aleister Black is total comedy. 6 adult circumcisions out of 10.

Lara from Vancouver

Wai, it was cool running into you at the show, thanks for saying hi!

Smackdown followed the same successful formula Raw had.

A deeper emphasis on in ring work with some angles mixed in.

Both Buddy/Roman and Charlotte/Ember were Summerslam quality.

Daniel Bryan as Eco Don Corleone is just a treat to watch.

Hope this is a sign of change.

From a live perspective I had a great time. Plus as I type this 205 is on and the main event is an Oney Lorcan vs Drew Gulak title rematch, which as a huge Gulak fan is worth the price of admission alone.

Rich from England now in Toronto

Enjoyed Charlotte and Ember.

Thought Buddy Murphy looked strong but was hard to buy into him beating Roman.

Samoa Joe was finally on the winning end of a surprise roll up…

Has anyone checked if the car that tried to hit Roman was an electric or at least a hybrid? A perfect alibi for Bryan.

After attending all 4 nights at the Sasha Banks Arena, I thought the crowds seemed relatively flat most of the time (could have been the sections I was in). Also, with the lack of an NXT sell out. Do you think the WWE will be rushing back for another PPV weekend any time soon?

Ps. Great meeting you guys on Sunday!

Jay from Colorado

Towards the end of tonight’s show they advertised that Raw would be returning to Denver on Monday October 14th, and I shit you not, the match they advertised to draw people in is Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin. I know the card is subject to change but good God I hope that’s not the main event program for Raw in a couple of months.

Jesse from the 6

What, if anything, does the poor attendance at wrestling shows this past week in Toronto mean? WWE only sold out SummerSlam, I believe, and even then there were thousands of tickets for it available on Stubhub on Sunday. ROH also drew poorly; I’m not sure about the indie shows. Add to that the quiet and unenthused crowds, and what does it all mean? Is Toronto no longer a wrestling city? Or should we expect to see similarly dismal crowds for big events if WWE continues their lacklustre storytelling?

On a side note, I’d like to thank both of you for the events you hosted this past weekend, as well as Braden & Davie. Post Wrestling has fostered a wonderful community where we can all share our passions for this strange form of entertainment. I spent decades looking for a friend who also liked wrestling and now I have a whole community of Post Marks to interact with and it’s great. Shout outs to all the fantastic folks I met this weekend, from the indomitable W.H. Park, to listeners like Shannon from Scarborough, Rob, Chris Engler, Lara from Vancouver, and a mysterious and enigmatic figure who said he was frm New Jersey.

Take Care