FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/14/18

Leave your feedback and questions for tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-SmackDown where John and I will also be previewing Sunday’s SummerSlam.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown?

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Dickie from Briz-Bin

An ok show tonight, but the stand-out was clearly the Miz and Bryan vignettes throughout the show. The only thing missing was a Chicken & Bacon Ranch Sub in the corner of their interviews.

Also, with the allegations this past week, I’m not sure if portraying Orton this way was a good idea. My girlfriend (who knows nothing of wrestling) walked past and asked me if “that creppy guy was touching himself?”

Other comments from my girlfriend was “I like how AJ’s gloves make a picture” and “I wonder what kind of shampoo AJ uses?” My response, “Obviously one with a brain”. She called me an idiot and left the room.

Looking forward to the Wendy Styles on a forklift match at next month’s PPV.

Rich from Winnipeg.
So. We are set for another extra long WWE ppv, where starting at 4 p.m. local time till 10 to 10:30, I will be consuming Mountain Dew Kickstarts one after another to survive…but enough about Sunday, let’s get to Smackdown. The wrestling was okay at best, just basically set up for Sunday. The real highlight was the Bryan/Miz retrospective, which if done all at once would have been a little too much, so better it got spaced out over the show. My only issue is what they are going to do with Orton in the U.S. title match, just do a DQ to advance the Hardy story, and what do you do with Nakamura after? Possibly Daniel Bryan if he resigns? Anyway, after so much G1 over the past month, then what looks like a decent Takeover, will we get the usual letdown after that with Summerslam.
As always from the 'Peg,

Brian from MN

Great go home show tonight. I like the subtle tease of dissension between Becky and Charlotte. The packages they did for Miz and DB were phenomenal. Overall, I am far more interested in every match for SDLive than anything they are doing for RAW.

What do you guys think about these insert PPV promo’s during a match? While they annoy us loyal fans, there must be a benefit to the company since not everyone sits through 5 hours of WWE programming every week.

Anthony from Philadelphia -

A two-hour SmackDown is already a breeze to get through, but when you get great segments, amazing video packages, a tremendous crowd, and a sense that everything on the show matters, it makes tonight one of the most enjoyable episodes of a WWE TV show this year. The New Day are tremendous; the Miz/Bryan videos were the best things I’ve seen WWE do all year; and I thought all three women did a great job in the opening segment, while their tag match and the story of Becky not tagging out but still winning was a nice, subtle touch based on their story and last week’s tag match.

That said, the closing angle felt a little odd to bring into this story now, because it makes me think there’s going to be some shenanigans at SummerSlam. I sure hope not.

But still a tremendous episode. 9 Zelina Vega “Catchy Phrases” out of 10.

Connor from Minneapolis

I will be brief because watching the Sanity entrance gave me a headache that didn’t leave.

Okay start, decent promos from all the women.
Miz and Bryan video packages were as great as would be expected with the mountain of great material they have.
Creeper Orton was comical to me rather than what I believe was supposed to be unsettling.
AJ/Joe seems like a feud with a lot of potential early on that fizzled a bit down the stretch. Hopefully the match will make up for the just alright build.

Question: Did the Miz and Mrs promotion being so tied in with this Bryan feud hurt it at all to you?

Brandon from Oshawa

I totally forgot Shelton Benjamin even worked for this company. I really dont get why they split some of these teams up, if they arent going to do anything with either one of them. Benjamin & Gable were a solid team and would fit in nicely on either brands stale tag divisions right now. I could even go for Benjamin and a group of veterans heading down to NXT to try and “takeover” for a bit and feud with Undisputed Era heading into Wargames. If you were to guess right now, what do you see or what would you like to see take place in Wargames?

By the way:

I loved this edition of smackdown especially the daniel/miz segments. Outstanding ! It felt like the main event for summerslam. I also loved the end with Joe reading the letter. Really great stuff.