FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/18/23

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Mannie from pacoima

I was at Gcw’s no signal in the hills last friday. Effy vs fatu was my match of the night, those 2 tore it down!
Speaking of fatu, he will be defending his mlw national openweight title against ricky shane page at mlw’s fury road in 2 weeks in a weapons of mass destruction match.

The tension is being teased between rey and santos.
If I could fantasy book it, los Lotharios would still be on the main roster and I’d have santos turn on the lwo and reform la rebelión with the garza dynasty. You’d have rey and santos facing off but also it would give wilde and del toro a feud as well since I feel they’ve been pushed to the side since the formation of the lwo.

Jermaine from Chicago. What a night for Canada tonight, edge might had his final match in his homeland and wai and Kate two great Canadians hosting review a smackdown tonight. We all could see that finish of the theory and knight match soon as miz music hit. A couple things, if everybody wanted the us tittle off of theory why would you give him a rematch? We don’t want to see him and the WWE obviously knows this but yet books him in another tittle match. Secondly WWE is terrible babyface company. Why have knight lose over and over again? Miz making him lose add no heat because we see the same thing over and over in the WWE. You couldn’t find one guy on smackdown for knight to have a program with? What a great main event, shamus is a true mechanic that WWE can use to have good matches with anyone. Lastly I wanted to ask Kate and you can chime in also wai. Where do you think they went wrong with Lacey evans? Was it too many gimmick changes? To me they never even followed up on her dad being on drugs and in jail. What could they done better with her? Have a great weekend

If that was truly the end for Edge. He went out on a high note in his backyard. He and Sheamus bodied it. Jimmy Uso’s return next week spells out that Roman is gonna be sitting out for the next few months. The women’s tag was strong but the lack of direction for Iyo Sky heading into Payback left quite a bit to be desired. The show flew by without much filler.