FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/21/18

Leave us your feedback to tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live from Brooklyn.

Tune in tonight for Rewind-A-SmackDown & The “Double Shot” for Café members with reviews of Joey Janela’s Lost in New York & Being the Elite.


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Brandon from Oshawa

Solid show tonight. All the top feuds moved ahead in good directions. I just wish this company knew how to get behind and solidly push their babyfaces. There is no way Becky Lynch should be a heel, same with Sami Zayn. I’m surprised they havent turned Bayley yet. We all heard the reactions from Charlotte winning and then the Becky attack, yet they try and make us look stupid. Nonetheless, it was a good angle and Becky cut a good promo and I’m looking forward to where they take that feud. With how violent the Hardy/Orton rivalry has been so far, do you see any chance of this taking place inside the Cell? I think I remember Jeff saying in an interview that his dream is to have a Hell in a Cell match. I think this could be one of his last shots at having one.

Lost In New York Thoughts
This was a really fun show and I definitely cant wait for Spring Break 3. Marko was definitely a fun surprise and I enjoyed the Sandman cameo. I could have done without seeing Sabu in a match, but it is what it is. Hopefully Haku will land a spot on Spring Break, because I was looking forward to seeing him, after his standout performance at the Cow Palace. I’m wondering what you guys think of Joey Janela and if you see him as a fit for the WWE? I havent seen much of him other than against these legends, but he’s had some solid matches against them. Also, what legend would you like to see him wrestle at Spring Break 3?

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

An overall good smackdown, Miz mocking Bryan’s retirement speach was great for his weasel heel character. Also didn’t expect the New Day to win the Championship.

Decided to watch 205 Live for the first time in months, also Wale was on commentary. But as Nigel said “Were about to kick things off with the first Cruiserweight Champion”, Wale said “And who might that be” all while TJP’s music was playing. I then turned the show off, safe to say I won’t be watching again.

7 “Coward” chants outta 10!

"Daniel Bryan vs The Miz" was just announced for Super ShowDown within the last half hour.

Mike From NY

Decent Smackdown show overall. I loved Becky’s promo, and her reasons are all valid for the heel turn. People are still going to cheer her though I believe. I wonder what shape Maryse is in for the Hell in a Cell PPV match? She just had her baby like four months ago???

It’s unfortunate that Rowan got hurt and will be sidelined, as I have enjoyed the Bludgeon Brothers since they re-debuted. Given that Rowan is out, what will they do with Luke Harper? There have been a lot of comments online that it’s possible Harper is being moved to RAW to team up with Bray and Braun, as a counter to the Shield? What are your guys’ opinions?

Thanks, from a loyal listener.

Rich from Winnipeg.
So, the marathon ends, with an all around good episode of Smackdown. While the mixed tag I feared would be booked, on TV the Miz/Bryan segment went over better than I thought, with Brie getting a decent pop. Now we have a lot of time to promo this…Hardy/Orton was what I thought it was, a DQ to maybe set up a possible Ultimate Deletion match, but Hardy’s back…ow.
Becky pulled off a good heel promo, but this audience was still on her side, it will be interesting to see how the regular crowd reacts going forward. Joe, again is right now the MVP of the company on the main roster, just a simple little speech after the clutch on AJ, works wonders. And a decent No DQ match to finish off, however, kind of muted in my case with the knowledge that Rowan was hurt, you definitely saw the way to write him off. Only problem is, the rest of the tag division is trying to do what Kofi did a couple of weeks back, with Anderson doing a horrible British accent, I might not like where they are taking things. All in all a decent show, still way better than a 3 hour slog of Raw. 8 out of 10.

Becky is not a heel. Makes no sense, especially if they are building to Rhonda v Charlotte at Mania.

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Connor from Minneapolis

Very up and down show for me.

Orton and Hardy was pretty entertaining. The ear thing will always get me, and it seemed to do its job of getting to the crowd into the ending.

I’m not terribly excited for the match itself, but the Brie punch looked good and got a solid pop.

Still not really sure how I feel about the Becky turn. She still comes across as very sympathetic, and the audience was doing everything they could to refute every negative claim she made. I’m gonna give it some more time since I can see an interesting long term story here, with Becky eventually turning face again, but I’m not sure if wwe and the fans will be patient enough, given how vocal the fans have been so far.

Hopefully they use Charlotte’s .com promo from Sunday night in the eventual video package. Its a pet peeve of mine when wwe gets great promos from their wrestlers and buries them with twenty other videos on youtube.

Loved the AJ vs Joe stuff, Joe comes across as a real scumbag. This seems like the obvious choice for a really good Hell in a Cell match next month.

B from Detroit

Hey guys, pretty solid show. Just wanted to tell you about the smackdown add they’ve been promoting for September 4th at LCA (little Cesar’s arena) the show has Champion Carmella vs auska an also a 6man tag with the team of Joe, nakamura, and the miz vs AJ , Jeff hardy , and Daniel Bryan

Noah From Vaughan

Ill be at the Raw and Smackdown tv next week in toronto, and It looks like it will be a challenge to get the toronto crowd to boo becky, fully expecting the crowd to even cheer for carmella in the title rematch vs Charlotte. the wwe would be foolish to not capitalize on this and change their plans by having Charlotte play the heel in this story. in regards to the show tonight, I really enjoyed it, and it seems like smackdown has done a great job of building very personal rivalries as of late.

curious to know if any of you guys be in attendance at the tapings next week?

Great show tonight. Nothing felt forced or overbooked and we got some solid and logical post summerslam booking. New Day getting the straps, AJ going to sleep, Heel Becky and another great Miz v Bryan segment.

I shat on Raw last night (and was probably a bit unfair) but this show was a real delight. Is it just me or is Smackdown feeling a lot more like NXT these days? AJ v Joe in particular felt like a takeover main event and I really enjoy that simple booking.

With All In coming up in 2 weeks, what do you think the chances are of a Kenny Omega appearance at the rumble? By that time AJ and Joe will presumably be done and he could slot straight into a program with AJ for mania…I know it’s a long way off but how do you think the response of All In will contribute to WWE aggressively chasing Omega?

7 R Truth One Liners Out Of 10