FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/21/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown’s debut inside the ThunderDome?

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0 voters

Paul from New Jersey

Aside from the Hardy/AJ angle, the opening was friggin awful. Thought Lince Durado looked impressive tonight, but what was with that Miz/Morrison promo? Thought Sonya sounded excellent, but that added stipulation definitely makes you wonder if there are some real life implications. Pinning of champions is usually lame, but I don’t mind it with Bayley as it’s apart of a bigger story. Overall, I don’t know what was so special about Thunderdome. 3.


The ThunderDome is ok. I think they’re overdoing it with the lighting and special effects; it kind of strains my eyes. And the visuals of people in the crowd watching solemnly didn’t match the canned crowd noise cheering and booing. At least we got an extended version of AC/DC’s “Are You Ready” during the intro.

Loved the Big E/Sheamus match. The two big men put on a great show. And the one time I would excuse WWE for a DQ finish to prolong the program for a week or two, they go with the surprise roll up instead. Never saw it coming. But what were Heavy Machinery doing dancing in the ring after? They barely even helped. Let Big E shine!

Very rough landing for Gran Metalik. In pretty much any other sport the performer would be checked for a concussion after a blow to the back of the head like that. Just saying. Hope he is ok.


Andy from London

I thought that the Thunderzone was fantastic and made me think that a 15-20 min WWE wrestling match could be entertainment again.

As for the show, it was bang average and I thought that the IC title shift was a bit of an odd one.

Obviously the thunderzone will give WWE a short term ratings boost, but how long do you predict it will last. Raw did 1.6 mil viewers this week, in 3 weeks time do you think the viewership will be higher or lower than that?

Kyle from Windsor

Hey guys…do you think that Braun and The Fiend have done a double turn, as Braun’s antics are very heelish? Also do you think Alexa plays a part in the finish of the match at Summerslam and if so which way.

As for the Thunderdome, the set is great…but the screens in the background are terrible, the fake audience like MLB uses would be better.

Great work guys

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Alexander from Portland

I’m glad WWE had their ambulance on hand since Gran Metalik looked like he needed it. This Brawn Strowman character change has been the best part of the Fiend feud. Fiend’s entrance looked stellar tonight, but I absolutely hate when he sticks his tongue out. Ew. I’m curious just how his entrance at SummerSlam will differ from his entrance tonight. As for the Thunderdome, meh. The sound quality was good but all those fans on the screens did nothing for me. While I feel sour now, it’ll be something we’ll all be used to in a matter of weeks.

Question: is there any chance whatsoever that Velveteen Dream wins the North American title tomorrow night?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Lord Thunderin’ Jesus by’, the Thunderdome was ok. The thing I want to talk about though is Sonya Deville. It seems like her promo talked about how she wanted a loser leaves WWE stipulation and I’m guessing this will be the final match of Sonya for awhile and I wanted to use this feedback to talk about how great she is. Sonya Deville was in the running of the best promo of the year along with Tully Blanchard for me and I had a lot of hope for her character as she reminded me of Chris Jericho from 2008, with the suits and the serious promo. Sonya is without question one of the best performers this year, and it’s a shame that some deranged loser might keep us from seeing her full potential. I’ve always liked Sonya since her run in Tough Enough and I hope she would come back soon. She is one of the best performers this year and maybe this stipulation is simply a red herring but I hope we get to see her full potential. That being said, hopefully she gets some help and this guy goes away for a long time. 6 out of 10 show.

Anthony from Melbourne

Bayley & Sasha feud is one of the few slow burning story-lines and for a long time it seemed as though Bayley would be the one to turn on Sasha. For the past few weeks I felt a subtle change in direction where Sasha is starting to seem like the one to turn on Bayley.

I actually enjoyed the subtlety but then tonight they couldn’t help themselves and went too obvious with the Sasha smiling but acting sad Bayley lost. Which way can you see it going; Bayley or Sasha to be the heel?

There is room to go either way, where I can see Bayley loosing but softening up Asuka for Sasha to retain or Shasha helping Bailey retain but then Sasha loosing, blaming Bayley for not helping enough.

Do you think its a forgone conclusion that the split begins to occur this weekend and the full breakup/turn happens at the tag title match next week?

Also whats up with Miz? Always late or not around when Retribution attack. Just being a coward I hope because I can’t see him turning out to be the secret leader of the group, with his goofy character I just couldn’t take it seriously.