FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/25/18

Post your questions and comments from today’s episodes of WWE SmackDown Live & the Mixed Match Challenge.

Tune in tonight for Rewind-A-SmackDown - plus the “Double Shot” for members as we review the season premiere of Total Divas and a July 1996 episode of Raw.


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Brandon from Oshawa

It would have been nice to see all of the last 20 minutes of the show, but I dont know if it was Sportsnet or WWE, but it suddenly turned into scramble vision ala early 90’s WWE PPV’s. Luckily I caught the last 4 minutes online and loved what I saw from Joe. Him, Randy Orton & Becky Lynch are killing it right now. I’m loving everything those 3 do. I even enjoyed R-Truth tonight. I’m not usually a fan of his schtick, but I wouldnt mind seeing him continue with a talk show.

My one negative about Smackdown right now is Nakamura. I dont understand how they cant have more for this guy, other than wrestling guys that are the set up for Randy Ortons next feud. I think they can get so much out of the Nakamerica gimmick. I dont know what exactly, but I’m sure they can find something. He might benefit from a switch to Raw I think. Other than Daniel Bryan, what else is there for him if you dont turn him face? Smackdown is stacked with heels right.

Paul from New Jersey

Greetings and salutations gentlemen, glad to be able to leave feedback again.

All I can say is I found the show to be a little stale tonight, but I really do hope the iconic’s defeat Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Australia.


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Question / note for the double shot:
I closely monitor the WWE stock and it is inching closer to 100$ every day. With shows like the Australia stadium and the series of Saudi shows it doesn’t seem like it’s the early summer’s TV deals that are keeping the stock near triple digits. We’ve focused on what the TV money means for the company going forward but his kind of market cap is also game changing. The way I see it, business couldn’t be better and we don’t spend enough time commending what they’ve done here. Thoughts?

I purchased tickets for NORTHEAST Wrestling and I’ve never gone to a pure Indy show (been to WWE, TNA, ROH). The advertised main event is Kenny vs Rey Fenix Jr. haven’t seen this discussed anywhere but that seems as big a dream match as Kenny and Penta. I feel like I found out about a secret gem - a rare Kenny performance in the US and a great match to boot. Will report back as it is in Nov.

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Terry from Colorado
Pretty dull show tonight until the Joe promo at the end. He’s killing it right now hope they put the belt on him. And in the sorry we have nothing for you category Orton w tye Dillinger seriously?! Do you guys think Joe will get a run with the belt?

Noah from Vaughan

Was it just me or was this a really solid show tonight? It was such an easy two hours to sit through with a bunch highlights and notes. First off, the opening segment was excellent, R-Truth continues to impress with his run on Smackdown these past few weeks and I thought all 4 participants in this segment did great. The Aiden/Rusev/Lana story took a great turn tonight and cannot wait to see next weeks followup. also, Randy Orton destroying a fool never gets old.

question for you guys. Have you heard anything substantive about the possibility of Mysterio facing Nakamura for the U.S title at Crown jewel, saw some rumours about it a few days ago and was wondering if it might be legit?

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Jay from Colorado

Attended the show live again tonight. I’m going to make this short and sweet. The difference between Raw and SmackDown is night and day. Tonight’s show just had a different atmosphere. The crowd was all in for 205, and stuck around for the Mixed Match Challenge. I don’t know what it is, but it’s almoat like it’s a completely different company. Great show tonight, 7 out of 10 for me.

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Jalen from Pickering,

What a HUGE first match of the show, a former NWA champ vs former WWE champ. I gotta give props to everyone involved in the opening segment and match. Truth TV made me laugh, Miz continues to do what he does best, and Daniel Bryan was great on commentary through his words and also his actions, I don’t think he took his eyes off the Miz at all. The show as a whole was thoroughly enjoyable, and Becky, Joe, and Orton continue to be standouts.

Question: I know it’s far away, but Miz vs Bryan for the title at Mania has to happen, right?

Anthony from East LA
I loved the R truth segement, it reminded me of the saturday night live skit where Mike Meyers played Deiter on the german talk show “Sprocket” which also had impromptu dance breaks.
Wai, what is joe doing in AJ’s house as we speak?
John, if you were AJ wouldn’t you just run out of the stadium and try to get home ASAP instead of “pleading” with Joe?

Brandon Frm NJ aka The only Brandon

Hey gents first time caller long time listerner and I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for welcoming me aboard and thank you for me. I just wanna day a few things about tonight’s show 1) R-Truth is ageless and he needs more segments although I feel your fears of overexposure 2) the Lana/Rusev/English love triangle was just so predictable like why Wai Chung is this happening 3)Joe pilmanizing Casa De Styles PG style was great and this feud should continue. 4) hogan at the crown jewel can they keep him there. Maybe he can open a gawker Middle East office 5) sleeves rule on coffee no debate. This is my first email forgive my ramblings of a madman I’ll improve as I hit the loop. Who is Gordon lol and I didn’t know Jon could do so many impressions he can give JP Sarro a run for his money. I’m out of here peace


Part of the reason the ratings for Raw were do so much was because Monday was the debut for all the new TV shows this season, like Big Bang, Young Sheldon, etc.