FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/27/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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IPaul from New Jersey

What’s the implication with Orton and Kofi’s son Kai? I’m also pretty sure Randy yelled shit at a bunch of 9 year olds. I actually thought Ember cut her best promo thus far. Murphy:Ali was top notch. Pretty sure Lacey tagged Bayley for real and received a couple receipts for her troubles. Lacey looked pretty bad moonsault aside. Roman’s delivery could not be more wooden. This angle is shit. I wasn’t happy that Murphy lost, but I’m assuming he’s going to tag with charisma vacuum Reigns at clash. 4 Shorty G’s out out of 10.

P.S. it’s BAYgel. Let’s be serious. Watch out for people from Nunavut.

Jalen from Pickering,

I don’t understand what they’re doing with this mystery angle, we get 8 recaps and reminders about it every show, but they keep rushing the actual show closing segments.
Serious Big E definitely needs a singles run at some point.
The rest of the show was pretty nothing, and so was the crowd 4/10

Andrew from Cape Breton

There was a story years ago I heard which could just be a rumour, but the story went that Triple H didn’t want to lose to Kurt Angle because of his size. Gerald Brisco then told him to go challenge Kurt to a shoot fight. I’m somewhat fuzzy on the details but the point is, that story reminds me of Chad Gable. Gable, in all seriousness, could beat the majority of the people on the WWE roster in a shoot. I know with recent discussions of pro wrestling with it being a performance art, or wrestlers looking a certain way, sometimes it gets lost on us that a lot of pro wrestlers were and still are legitimate shooters, hookers and wrestlers. So when you have someone who looks as good as Chad Gable and has the background that he does, why would you go in the direction of short jokes? It feels like WWE’s attempt to humanize and make people relateable almost backfires, in a similar way it has recently with Kevin Owens cowering to Shane McMahon. Why point out perceived flaws or negatives of a guy, when they could just smash a guy over by having them beat people? Chad Gable literally saved Jason Jordan’s career based on his charisma, and Jordan had been in developmental since the FCW days. Chad Gable just seems like a guy that probably should be AEW bound at the end of his contract. Anyway, Smackdown was ok, but the Chad Gable stuff is annoying. 5 out of 10.

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Wwe running a KOTR match with 2 former cruiserweights is pretty new era. I don’t hate it and would be interested how the match which went thru a commercial does in the quarter hour ratings.

Alexander from Portland

While it was interesting for a week or two, I feel it’s time to end the Roman Reigns mystery. At this point I just hope Bryan isn’t involve at all, it would be a big disappointment if he was. His shirt was one of the highlights of the night (it featured a sloth with Wolverine claws). Other highlight of the night was the smooth finish to Gable/Benjamin, damn is Gable underrated. Throughout the past months we’ve seen a plethora of guys running backstage trying to find the 24/7 Champion. Tonight he appears in the ring, gets beat down and stunned, and yet nobody attempts to pin him. Why? Is the geek rush only a RAW thing?

Question: With the next PPV being called Clash of Champions, what championships do you see not being defended on the show? It wouldn’t surprise me if Big E and Xavier Woods didn’t have any challengers for the tag titles.

Jay from Colorado

Murphy/Ali was definitely the highlight of the night, as was Daniel Bryan’s continued amazing heel work. He’s always the highlight of SmackDown for me, and I really dig his shirts every week. Gonna buy me his Sloth Wolverine shirt from tonight.

I had much higher expectations for Shelton Benjamin vs Chad Gable, and while it was decent, I was hoping for a huge breakout match for Gable, maybe next week. Speaking of Chad Gable, I heard this awful rumor a few weeks ago that they want to rename Chad Gable, “Shorty G”. I passed this off as nonsense as no one would ever think it was a good idea, except for maybe Vince McMahon. Unfortunately it seems like tonight we got confirm of that when Benjamin’s referred to him as “Shorty Gable”. Most unfortunate.

On a side note, Jon thank you for your recommendation of Enemy of the People by Jim Acosta. It’s been absolutely fascinating and horrifying at the same time and I haven’t been able to put it down. Thank you.

I apologize for my actions please forgive me. Thanks have a great evening