FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/28/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

AJ channeled his inner Camryn Grimes on commentary tonight. So happy Sami Zayn is back. He’s great. Kayla Braxton asking Sami why he attacked the IC Champion was some crack journalism. Riddle/Corbin is the antithesis of interesting. I counted six tagteam dissension angles on the show tonight. Holy shit, I wonder if Dr. Shelby can zoom in. I still enjoy Vince McMahon & nice to see Kenny Omega in the thunder crowd tonight. The cosmic ballet goes on. 6.

PS, smart of Roman to read over the contract. Make sure there’s only 16 pages not 17.

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Having two episodes of TV to build to a PPV a week removed from SummerSlam didn’t do WWE any favors. That being said, Roman Reigns returning at SummerSlam has elevated Smackdown quite a bit. The ending was such a doozy with Paul Heyman returning as Roman Reigns’ advocate. I will give WWE credit where it’s due, this is a move I didn’t see coming (that damn tagline!) That alone made Smackdown worth watching. Sami Zayn made a very welcome return and the Sasha Banks/Bayley rift continued to grow. Smackdown has given Payback some much-needed juice. 6.5/10

Hey guys. Been lurking in the shadows for sometime, but finally had to send in feedback tonight, especially considering I was part of the Thunderdome (first time front row at an event I have to add, too bad it had to happen virtually). Anyways just a few pieces of feedback on being a part of the Thunderdome.

We did get to watch 205 Live being taped before Smackdown. Then before Smackdown went on the air, two things of note came up. Their was a producer who would come on and prompt us to clap and be active but also stressed to be loud and make some noise, totally making it seem like the audience sound was live, completely kayfabing the obvious piped in audio. Second, found it very interesting that the producer mentioned even if you’re watching on Thunderdome, if you’re a Neilson House, make sure you’re tuned into Smackdown live but just have your tv on mute in the background. Anything to keep the ratings I guess?? Besides that, it was your typical tv production treating us just like a regular studio audience, counting down commercial breaks, etc. We also got to watch the matches happening during commercials, usually without commentary. And during non match commercials, Drew Gulak came on to talk us through a stand and stretch break and Kalisto gave a hype speech to cheer the Lucha House Party. I liked those small touches to keep commercials moving along.

Anyways, it was fun once but not sure I’d do it again on a regular basis. The video feed is the exact same as tv expect it seemed to lag out at many point and numerous sound issues, like live mic echos and sound cutting in and out. And i can’t blame my internet as I pay for premium speeds. Smackdown 6/10 Thunderdome 4/10


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Nick from Lansing

An entertaining enough episode, the thread of Adam Pierce getting signatures is a simple story to tell throughout the night but they kept it different and fitting for each man and the addition of Heyman in Roman’s corner is interesting. Sami made for a nice return and I hope he stays prominently featured even if he looses his (real) intercontinental belt. Cesaro and Kalisto had a good if short feeling match. Honestly it was around here that I got the tragic news about Chadwick Boseman and got distracted for a while. Main event match was good, and even if I don’t know what’s going on with Shemus it feels like there’s a plan in place for now. Weird that Big E’s single run would have a tag match so soon, but he looked good in it. I’ll vainly he beats Roman for the belt sometime after he wins it Payback