FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/6/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Brad from Halifax

SmackDown flew by there were so many things are like including the build for Randy versus Kofi, Shane versus Kevin and Bailey versus ember. I even like the little tease that we might actually get to see Chad Gable wrestle on TV. The high point was the who done it with Roman hope we get a big pay off way down the road.

My only complaint is super Shane, does he always have to have the upper hand. I am not a fan and really don’t ever need to see any energy put into his push. I hope after Sunday he goes away for a while there too many talented wrestlers like buddy Murphy, Ali and Finn; Don’t get good matches on TV or at pay paper views. Let’s let somebody else have a turn show we Shane

Good luck this week guys sorry I can’t make the trip 8 out of 10 show

Paul from New Jersey

A rather pedestrian go home show tonight. Charlotte and Trish sounded weird. Still looking forward to that match. Totally fine with Black/Zayn happening tonight. Like the women’s tag title match last night, this match would probably get lost on a massive PPV card so I like it. Also Ember looks like a bit of a dork eh? 4.

Jalen from Pickering,

Only managed to catch the ending. Once again I found it weird.
Essentially Murphy’s first segment on tv made him look like a Punk, although I guess it can lead to something in the long run. Roman looked good, but the reveal came off odd. There was minimal reaction from Bryan and Rowan, and it feels like a reveal you’d have 2 or 3 weeks before a ppv as opposed to a go home show.

Jay from Colorado

Do you ever have those dreams where you get into a fight with someone, and no matter how hard you try to throw a punch they seem to land soft? Everytime I see Shane McMahon throw his punches it makes me think of those dreams.

Neal from Northern Ireland

As a Sami Zayn fan, I hate his current role as a heel who poses zero threat. That match didn’t even help Aleister Black, who gains very little with a comprehensive win over a guy everyone knows hasn’t won a singles match in forever. At least they got it out of the way tonight.

In general, I felt the show was pacy but parts seemed slightly off — almost as though it had been completely rewritten just before going to air…