FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/7/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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It was good to see Mandy, Otis and Sonya back. Wonder where they have been? Also what are you guys thoughts on Mustafa Ali downward spiral since coming back, topped off with losing on main event. I hear some people saying he might be apart of that crew wreaking havoc. Speaking of that, the ending of Smackdown was absolutely cringeworthy and terrible, Putty patrol level

Alexander from Portland

Retribution felt like the Nexus debut but a kiddie version. The segment climaxed with the chainsaw cutting the ring ropes, why couldn’t it have been when the audience was getting attacked? Going off the air with the ringside viewers getting assaulted would have made the group look more intimidating. Much better surprise than RAW Underground this week. The segment gave off the chaotic vibe I wish Seth Rollins’ cult did. Here’s hoping Chad Gable is a part of the group because he came across like such a nobody tonight. What was the point of having him go so far in the King of the Ring tournament if this is his outcome?

Nick from Lansing

Not a bad episode of Smackdown on paper just a confusing one. Sheamus seems to be turning face two weeks after beating up Jeff Hardy in a bar, Bray I guess kidnapped Alexa and stashed her in the PC for a week and Sonya is a great ass kicker and a beautician I guess.

All the matches were good even if there wasn’t a ton of heat to any of them, but Big E easily had promo of the night. Push him to the top of the card ASAP

Hi guys,

I am often much more negative on Dynamite than you two are, and I want to apologize. I’m not a regular SmackDown viewer, but after watching the show tonight I have seen the error of my ways.

After watching that Braun and Fiend segment, I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about the Dark Order. That’s your Babyface world champion? Poor Alexa

Sasha and Bayley video chatting with Stephanie was painful. I get that Sasha and Bayley were being sarcastic about Stephanie being responsible for the women’s evolution, but Stephanie certainly wasn’t. How dare I complain about Taz promos when that’s the alternative? Why is every women’s angle about being best friends? I was half expecting Sue to show up.

The show wasn’t all bad. Cesaro vs. Lince Dorado was awesome. 3 Chainsaws out of 10


Chris Elliot
Was a below average episode of Smackdown, got sick of the amount of dq’s tonight, but I suppose it’s WWE so I shouldn’t be surprised. Retribution angle was as awful as the camera work. They need to do better if they want it to succeed.
Also I’m calling it now, Orton gets the tag line in by saying “Summerslam, just like the RKO, you’ll never see it coming”


The sheer disrespect for Chad Gable! Why not just book the match between Gable and Riddle and let Riddle beat him in the ring? Why introduce Sheamus just to throw the match away? Using a DQ finish is bad enough, but Chad’s stock is already near rock bottom. Having him run in and get destroyed doesn’t help anyone. Riddle looks like a coward taking the DQ win, Shorty G looks like a total punk, and Sheamus looks on in confusion.

Sonya Deville and the gang continue to impress. WWE has done very well to milk the Mandy/Otis melodrama for all it is worth. We gotta be coming up on a year now.

Match of the night goes to Cesaro and Derado because it had a clean finish. That last segment was truly embarassing. 5/10