FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/10/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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IPaul live from the Garden

Shared an elevator with Sarah Schreiber so that was cool. Ali defeated Murphy with a 450 in a dark match. They shook hands afterwards. Murphy received a good pop. Kofi/Orton was good. Bayley/Moon had no heat. Shane killed the crowd initially. He drew this is boring chants which may have been during break. Kind of a pedestrian show, however the Fiend defeated the B team in a dark match after 205. RAW was better. Austin had a purpose. Taker didn’t. If they said it was a sellout on TV, they lied. All I wanted for my bday was the IIconic’s and they defeated bitter rivals Dana Brooke and Sara Logan last night on Main Event… Man, did I pick the wrong show. Still love coming to MSG.

Jay from Colorado

I’ll make this short and sweet. As a kid growing up in the 80s who glued himself to the TV every Thursday night to watch Family Ties, I just marked the fuck out for Alex Keaton.

Matt in the 604.

Does Kevin Owen’s firing last longer than when he quit last year? For John, Cowboy Cerrone was on our local morning radio show to promote his fight on Saturday and said that he wants to fight on the end of the year card at 170. Do you think that’s viable for him?

Chris Thunder from Down Under

After seeing this past month of King Of The Ring I think we can all put to rest the notion of the main roster ever doing a tournament like a G1.

Honestly a 3-way semi-final, why couldn’t Ricochet or Joe lose if nither advanced next week? Elias beating Owens & Ali only to be replaced by McMahon and finally jobber Chad Gable returning from Main Event to run the table on SmackDown, WTF?!

Maybe Corbin will win on RAW now it’s not a pay-per-view match anymore. Does the winner revive a championship match at least?

Brandon from Oshawa

What the hell are they doing with Kevin Owens? I get that he’s a family guy. They’ve hit on that since his NXT days, but why does that mean he has to look weak? Why does he need to beg not to be fined? Or act like a wimp after Shane changes the stipulations in the main event? I guess they think people will feel sorry for him and get behind him more, but I really dont think so. People want someone that kicks ass and defies authority(see Stone cold), not someone who whines and complains and acts like a total wimp.

Joey from Queens,

Was at the show live and good god was I disappointed. While the show leading up to the main event was fair enough that fucking main event made want to pull my hair out.

I get it they wanted to stack the odds against Gable and give that sweet underdog pop to send the crowd home happy. But do they want Owens do be the next stone cold or not? Because if that’s how they think stone cold would ref a match with Vince in it then I have a bridge to sell them.

I truly hope that this was not there plan all along tonight to make Owens look like the biggest geek this side of the East River and this has to be hot shotted because of the Elias injury because if it was then were in for some spicy booking come the move to Fox.

Overall Grade: 4 refunds out of 10

Hey guys,
Im on my way back from the show and I enjoyed it. Maybe because I was only there for about 2 hours, but I’m happy with what I saw. It very much felt like a house show to me. The crowd loved Gable, and nobody knows what’s going on with KO. The Undertaker segment was fun, but poor Sami. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the dark match main event which was the b team vs the fiend.

Have either of you watched the GCW/BLP show from All Out weekend? Definitely recommend the DLC match and the 6 man tag. Both were absolutely wild. Good night

Eric in Miami

I’m sure you said this during your review but why would baby face Chad Gable tell Shane “Well I guess I get a bye to the finals” what baby face has ever said that