FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/11/18

Leave your feedback and questions for Rewind-A-SmackDown and this Sunday’s Hell In A Cell PPV.

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Brandon from Oshawa

Why is it that the women can beat the shit out of the men, but the men cant do anything to the women? I do get the whole man on woman violence thing, but it goes 2 ways. Just because you dont hear about it as much, doesnt mean it doesnt happen. It really looked for a moment that Miz was going to do something to Brie, but of course it was the other way around. I actually think a Skull Crushing Finale on Brie could have added some heat to this match.

I enjoy the different things Smackdown does from Raw. I liked the 2nd empty arena promo in 2 weeks, I liked the storytime with Joe and I liked the stolen Jericho/New Japan angle, with Becky Lynch, that was excellent. I thought Nakamura would really bring something to the U.S Title picture, but its almost been brought down since he won it. Asuka really needs a mouthpiece, I’m sure Akira Tozawa needs a 2nd income.

2 questions…

  1. All the talk has been Charlotte/Ronda for Mania, but with how hot Becky is right now, could you see any possibility of Becky/Ronda for Mania? The armbar vs armbar could be a intriguing story I think.

  2. Any BOLA predictions?

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Brenden from California

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about that “story time with Samoa Seuss” bit, but I suppose it does fit with the approach Joe has been taking in the feud.

I really loved that tag match. That finish was so good. Everyone in this match did great, but it really shows how underrated Aiden is. His current character is “whatever” on its own, but he’s a pretty good worker and great in this team. I’m not sure if this match-up will be as good as New Day vs The Bar would have been, but there’s the opportunity for something interesting here and I’m excited to see what we get.

I was all aboard this current thing with Truth and Carmella. I hope they didn’t put this pair down already. They could be a fun piece to fit with someone they don’t have a program for otherwise.

Still not too high on the mixed tag, but that was a fun closing segment tonight.

Compared to RAW these Smackdown episodes just fly by. I feel like with an hour less it seems like they pack in as much content and are able to tell better stories. I know this is a statement we’ve all been saying for a while, but these last few episodes of RAW, when compared to Smackdown, really highlight the difference for me. This was a pretty fun episode, especially in the second hour. Unlike after RAW last night, I’m actually looking forward to Sunday coming off this episode. 7/10

P.S. Are you guys going to be reviewing the Mae Young Classic?

Jalen from Pickering,

I guess the WWE must’ve been paying Paul Heyman the big bucks, because now that he’s gone they seem to be able to give a lot more people managers. I do genuinely enjoy those pairings on SD as they each feel distinct from one another, and refreshing as they become more open to inter-gender interactions.
Almas continues to be a highlight, and I think he could do great things if given a strong run with the US title, which unfortunately Nakamura is not doing.
SD has a lot of characters and feuds clicking right now, so no complaints. 7/10

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A month from now when I think back to this weeks 5 hours of Raw/Smackdown, I’ll probably remember Foley & his great promo, and I’ll definitely remember that amazing Joe promo, and that’s about it. Both Raw & Smackdown were rather lacklustre for go home shows, I have to admit I’m not all that excited about Hell in a Cell. Hopefully it’ll under-promise and over-deliver, but lately that hasn’t been happening.

MJ from NJ

It’s clear to me that Raw serves as a show to create video packages from and Smackdown is a weekly wrestling show.

When Smackdown is on FOX do you see them doing the HHH-Taker type promos and builds on the bigger more visible network or will Raw always be the A show even if it draws less eyeballs and isn’t stumbled upon by the forgotten fan.


Peter from Long Island.

Not so much a Smackdown review, but wanted to Thank John for sharing his story on Aqua! It also brought back all the memories I had of watching Muchmusic in the early to late 90’s. I actually remember Prozzack and their music videos, Milo the big guy playing guitar and Simon, the timid meek one. This all brought back memories of the Much Music Electric Circus and the top 30 countdown. Groups like the Headstones, The Tea Party, I Mother Earth and Matthew Good always being on, as these artists were virtually nowhere on MTV, here in the states.

Having MuchMusic Canada here in NY, was kind of like a new world of music for me, and John’s story was a great trip down memory lane. I even get a kick out of the few times you’ve brought up Serial Joe. I must say I am NOT an Aqua fan, but I’ve had the same experience with groups that I thought I longed missed out on and then decades later, they come back and it’s an experience you can’t even describe. So thank you again, John, for sharing!

Bill & Alex from Orlando

Regarding last night Corey was referring to the drink Hurricane. They can kick your a** pretty quick