FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/11/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Andy from London

Is was a pretty forgettable episode of smackdown, typical uninspiring tv from WWE

  • Video-game like, by the numbers, opening segment to set up the main event
  • DQ finish
  • Distraction finish
  • A women’s title program set up that it feels like we’ve seen only weeks ago
  • Steal the briefcase gimmick (which we did last week)

It’s just all a bit lame.

On the bright side, Smackdown has Paul Heyman. I think he’s actually gunna get ‘Reigns-ing’ over, he makes Roman feel bulletproof & he’s going to be ‘such good shit’ - in Walrus form - in the firefly funhouse. 4/10 show

Alexander from Portland

In the ThunderDome we had an oddly silent women’s match. You’re telling me WWE is filming shows in their own arena, with the ability to control crowd noise, and we still have dead crowds for matches? Face Roman Reigns wasn’t enjoyable, but this heel persona is really growing on me. RAW looks stacked, what are the odds Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre ends with Orton interfering?

David from Tejas(Texas)

Hey guys! Overall good show. Hadn’t tuned in to Smackdown in awhile but I think this the better show right in terms of Raw or Smackdown. The impact of the returning Reigns is very apparent. All tye other storylines are fine but the Reignsing Defending Undisputed Champion has me fully invested!

Phil from West Virginia,

Hey guys, unrelated to SmackDown here but what do you think AEW will do/could do with their other timeslot whenever it gets off the ground? Do you think they’ll go down the road of a themed show with some kind of special hook or will they just translate something like DARK to TV with some different production or …
Thanks again. Appreciate you guys and keep up the great work. Pretty pumped for the G1 coverage.

Paul from New Jersey

I enloyed the opening segment, Sheamus in particular. Sami Zayn plays a great pain in the ass. FireFly funhouse was pretty awful. I cannot express to you how much I do not care about the tagteam division. A pretty forgettable show. 4 absconded titles out of 10.

That’s OK Paul…WWE doesnt care about it either. When was the last time they actually did?