FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/18/18

Please post your feedback & questions for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown and the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 premiere.

On “The Double Shot” for Cafe members, we will be chatting about Mick Foley’s WWE Network special on the Hell in a Cell match as well as the CMLL Anniversary card from last Friday.


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Terry from Colorado

Great show tonight loved the closing angle w Becky and Charlotte. Becky plays an awesome no fks given heel or whatever she is now. Almas and aj tore it down again. Do you think Almas losing to upper tier talent is hurting him or helping? Also John have you started to watch Mayans mc yet?

Brandon STILL from Oshawa

I definitely havent moved, but Baron Corbin did put me to sleep and prevent me from leaving feedback last night.

I thought tonight was a much better show. Becky Lynch is getting better and better in this role and is definitely the best run of her career. I enjoyed Aidan’s attack, but I really dont see much for him after this feud with Rusev. Unfortunately for him, I think he’ll slide back down the card. Almas/AJ was really good, but I hope they dont just keep feeding Almas to main eventers, only to lose. My favorite part of the night was the Randy Orton segment. Who do you guys see him going after next?

MLW Wargames Review(If you guys got to watch)
I was really looking forward to this show, as Wargames is one of my favorite matches and came away really disappointed by the booking. There were a couple cool spots in the match. I thought Jimmy Havoc giving people paper cuts was unique. I havent seen him much, so I dont know if that is a regular spot of his. The giant chain submission across the 2 rings was really cool. My problem comes from the layout. Everyone knows the heels have a double sided coin and never lose. It is basic booking of the Wargames match. They got away from that by having the faces win, then mid way through the match, the heels got the advantage back, by taking out Shane Strickland. I didnt really get that as this whole match was built around Strickland & Callihan and Strickland didnt even get into the match. Then, despite being down 1 man, the faces still pick up the win.

It made no sense and just totally reeked of thinking about it way too hard.

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How high on vince’s radar do you think Daniel Bryan is right now in winning the Royal Rumble in 4 months time? Surely it’s a no brainier Daniel will eventually be taken out of all this reality bs and have a run with the smackdown belt.

Brenden from California

Well it finally happened. Rusev Day is done. Unfortunately I think they took the less interesting route. A heel Rusev against an Aiden seeking forgiveness would have been the more interesting approach. In the end I see both these guys in a lowered position.

AJ and Almas are probably the two best wrestlers on this show and I really want that feud to happen if AJ still has the title at TLC.

And lastly I loved Becky in this episode. She’s so great and possibly my favorite thing in the company right now. I’m happy WWE wants to do the Charlotte/Rousey thing at Mania, so maybe we’ll get a nice long run with Becky as champ.

Tyler from Orlando,

1st off I just want to state I am team Brandon from Oshawa, you snooze or you lose guys.

I found this episode of Smackdown difficult to keep my attention, maybe it’s because I’m used to watching recordings without commercials.

The Aiden English turn was pretty predictable, but I’m glad Rusev is going to be a singles guy again, because Smackdown’s tag division is loaded.

AJ and Almas’ match was my favorite thing of the night, it sucks they had Almas eat a pin but I suppose it’s better than not being on tv every week. Also it’s funny AJ hardly wrestles on TV because they save him for the dark match, but on this night he had 2 matches, he really is a work horse of the WWE and I can’t believe he hasn’t been injured yet.

Last note - this is random but I saw Jack Gallagher at my job the other day and he’s one of the nicest wrestlers I’ve ever met. Working at the Orlando airport as a wrestling fan has its benefits.


Mark from Vaughan

It still blows my mind to see Bryan, Nakamura, Joe, Styles, Andrade, etc. on the same show. If only they could book stories with logical beginnings, middles and ends. Loved Becky being in the last segment considering she had what felt like the biggest win on Sunday.

Question: Do you think this will be an especially down period of the year for WWE as far as storyline progression? The next 3 shows over 6 weeks are sort of isolated into their own bubbles and a lot of the announced matches are based on stories that have already started. New Japan tends to throw in a title change here or there on smaller shows but I’m not holding my breath after the first Saudi show.

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Bill & Alex from Orlando. Well there you have it. The definitive pronounciation of Melbourne by Tom Phillips. Jon was right after all!

Will you be doing a Review-A-Wai on American Vandal 2? Here’s hoping you do so I can hear Jon describe the brownout!