FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/25/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

The first ever WWE intercontinental title ascension ceremony? Nobody does inadvertent comedy quite like the WWE. AJ & Sami were very good, but having the same triple threat we will see on Sunday minus the ladders is such a WWE move. The Miz/Otis feud makes very little sense, but at least Bayley continues to be excellent. For all the criticism WWE creative deserves, the Roman/Jey Uso feud has been one of the best in years. 4 Bro Shows out of 10.

Erin from Brampton

There wasn’t a whole lot I enjoyed on this show. I thought it was lazy to have AJ vs Sami vs Jeff in a non title match 2 days before the ladder match. It seems like they just ran out of ideas on how to push this feud on the go home show.

The Corbin vs Riddle match didn’t feel important. Again, it just felt like they had no idea what to do with these two.

As bad as those things were, I think the final segment made up for it. Roman sounded fantastic, and Jey sounded incredible. While we know Roman is going to win, Jey accomplished the goal of making himself look like a worthy opponent. I genuinely believe this is the hottest feud in pro wrestling at the moment.

What’s your prediction on how Alexa will be used with Wyatt? Do you eventually see her as a valet for the Fiend? Would it make the Fiend look weak if he needed someone in his corner? I’m just glad they’re taking their time with this angle, because there’s no reason to rush it.

Alexander from Portland

Maybe it was me but every match tonight felt too long. WWE’s booking of Sami has been fantastic so far, I’m so happy he won momentum. Jey cut a great promo, and Roman’s character work was fantastic. With Jimmy out of the picture I’m glad WWE is pushing Jey this way instead of having him sit out with his tag-team partner like WWE typically does. Alexa Bliss DQ’d for kicking too much ass? What’s up with that? at least SmackDown doesn’t have Retribution anymore. 4/10

question: how much time do you think Jey and Roman are getting for their match?

David from Tejas

Hey guys! Hope all is well. Tonight’s episode felt a bit stale considering it’s the Smackdown before the PPV. With that said, the Roman vs Uso match should be good unless it’s a squash. Alexa Bliss giving Roman that look suggests that next Friday they are moving on from Jey Uso and onto The Fiend. I give the Bayley match at Clash of Champions a 0% chance of a clean finish. I anticipate a Sasha interference. The intercontinental championship match could be good. Anyways decent but not that good a Smackdown episode.

6 out of 10

Roman’s recent remarks over the show’s quality of storytelling over Raw has been justified with his current story with Jey Uso. Jey, himself, has risen to the occasion and it effectively cemented Reigns as the big bad of the roster.

Wasn’t too keen on doing the AJ/Jeff/Sami triple threat prior to clash of champions. I do think the IC title ladder match is a dark horse for match of the night.

Lastly, the Alexa Bliss/Bray Wyatt story picked up steam and her staring a hole at Reigns and Heyman is some pretty stellar foreshadowing. 6 Superman punches out of 10

Well. This was a show. At least it had a really great segment at the very end. At least Anniversario won’t be the default worst thing I watch tonight.

Just finished watching the show, and I have to give credit where credit is due. Uso and Reigns did an amazing job in that final segment. This is probably the most anticipation I’ve had in a WWE main event in a long time which says a lot considering I feel there is zero chance the title switches hands.

I DVRd it and my plan is to check out The PPV tomorrow.