FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/3/19

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

I liked Bayley’s explanation even if the delivery was awkward. Four Horsewomen feuding works for me. Quite the contrast in terms of reactions for Gable week to week.,good for him. The 24/7 comedy was not nearly as funny as Black’s promo. Yikes! They need to stop those. 6. Going to the SD MSG show. Looks promising. Rowan 3:16.

Alexander from Portland

What a success tonight was. Erick Rowan feels like a potential main-eventer; Elias had, in my opinion, his best TV match; Chad Gable wins a match where he’s referred to as short even though his opponent was one inch taller. If Aleister Black wants a fight so damn badly why doesn’t he just go after the 24/7 Championship? It’s got tons of goons going after it, goons that would be more than willing to knock on a door for a title shot. I’d actually love to see guys trying to get close to Black but he keeps kicking them in the face and knocking them out. Lastly, I have to ask, why is it that Chad Gable is the one getting pushed? Looking at the prior six months or so it would make much more sense for Ali to be in that role. Not complaining, just genuinely curious.

Question: With Survivor Series coming up and a more rigid brand split being rumored for SmackDown on Fox, do you think we’ll get another Raw vs. SmackDown themed show?

Brandon from Oshawa

Dont have much to say, other than great crowd tonight. I thought they really made this a fun show. We need more of these types of crowds, who just genuinely seemed to want to have a good time and not take over the show.