FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/4/18

Leave your feedback and questions for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown.

What did you think of tonight’s WWE SmackDown?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I wish the WWE would leave the arena more often. Some of the most memorable segments in WWE history, have come in locations that werent inside. I was hoping we were going to get something with Joe, with what he said last week, but we didnt get it. I thought we were getting something at the Italian restaurant, but again it was nothing. I did sort of like the image of Miz & Maryse in the empty arena. I LOVED the Hardy & Orton promo packages and this has become one of my favorite feuds this year. I’m hoping for something really violent, but not crazy.

None of that, compared to the POST Wrestling Fantasy Football Draft though. It was a good night on POST Wrestling and you guys should cover it on the Double Shot.

Jeff from Ann Arbor

-Pre-show dark match-mike kanellis vs rhyno, weird 2 raw guys but obviously rhyno for the Detroit pop, which he definitely got

-Becky vs Charlotte was only on the titan tron, hard to know the questions they were being asked, not sure if you could hear the crowd, Becky’s “screw you” got a huge pop

-Joe came out to a huge pop but his promo was weird, the crowd definitely turned on him a bit it was kinda creepy

-“rusev day” may have been the biggest pop of the night

-big “Cleveland sucks” chant against the miz

-Southside serpents 4 life

Brenden from California

The tag match was ultimately forgettable, but I’m happy to see that they are at least doing something with Rusev and English.

The Becky and Reigns segment was good. It’s weird though. I know the things Charlotte is saying are face lines, but I just can’t help but view her as the heel in this angle. Becky just comes across as a badass babyface, while Charlotte can’t help but seem disingenuous. All-in-all I think I’m most excited for this feud.

I really enjoyed the Orton/Hardy stuff. Jeff always has a weird delivery but the content got me really pumped for their match.

Lastly, I’m not the biggest fan of them making the top feud this mixed-tag thing, but the Miz is just so enjoyable when played off of Bryan that I won’t complain. It’s just a shame though that they didn’t do a food fight angle in the restaurant. Just kidding.

A fine show, but nothing spectacular overall. 6/10.

Taylor From Sydney

Incoming Rant!!!

Asuka teaming with Naomi and the IIconics is completely and utterly bewildering. They have killed Asuka on the main roster and she is now just an afterthought. I know I’m going to sound like one of those guys, but her run on NXT was incredible because she was treated like a something special. Sure, the Becky V Charlotte feud is going to be great, but why not keep Asuka off TV until that feud is done, then insert her in the title picture and keep her strong. It’s the same as Nakamura. These incredible talents are being completely wasted and I can’t help but feel that something drastic needs to change for them to get the storylines they deserve.

SD was definitely a step up from Raw and it’s certainly the better show. Really excited for Hardy V Orton - it’s the feud I never knew I needed.

6 Screw Yous Out of 10

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Connor from Minneapolis

Fun, but kind of a filler episode of Smackdown. Not a lot of in ring action throughout, but it didn’t feel like the show suffered for it.

Miz and Bryan build continues to be enjoyable. Even though I’m still not terribly excited for the intergender match, I expect them to have a good plan in place and for the match to at least be okay.

I liked Joe’s promo bragging about how he basically had made AJ a better father by injuring him. Good physicality during the brawl, and it made me appreciate Paige’s work as GM. She has done a great job of adapting to the role and being able to balance more serious moments like this with her more comedic interactions.

Orton’s promo in particular worked really well, but I can’t help feeling like this HIAC match is just a countdown till Jeff does something insane and dangerous.

Charlotte and Becky’s promo was great. Even though she was a bit stiff at first Charlotte held her own against Becky’s more natural smooth delivery. Hopefully the match delivers, but i sense some sort of screwy finish to keep Charlotte with the belt at HIAC. Maybe having Becky finally win the title at Evolution.

R-Truth’s comedy continues to work pretty well with me. He and Tye seem to stand out with comedy on Smackdown whereas Raw is so bogged down with mid card comedy acts than none of them seem unique.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Decided to watch 205Live tonight, want to see the build up to Buddy challenging at Super Show-Down.

Grand Metallic def. Tony Neese in a good 15 minuet match. Backstage Mustafa Ali said he wished Drake Maverick was still in his AOP Gear, to which drake replied What I do on my Monday nights is none of your business. Noam Dar def. Brian Kelly in a few minuets with Leo Rush on Commentary. Cedric Alexander and TJP had an importune on-title match, TJP spent most of the match working over Cedric’s left arm, Cedric hit’s the lumbar check for the win. After the match Drew Gulak comes out and attacks Cedric to end the show.

While it’s still a great show in ring it suffers from timeslot, crowd, and the fact the “Heavyweights” also wrestle like “Cruiserweights” with high-flying and fast-paced moves.

6 “TJP-isms” outta 10 for 205 Live.

I have never seen so many empty seats for a 205 live. I was really surprised.

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