FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Dynamite 4/22/22

What did you think of Friday’s wrestling?

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Jay from Colorado

Swerve calling Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks Calivn and Hobbs was great, but Starks calling them a broke ass Kenan and Kel was a amazing comeback.

Also as much as I love an angle around spilled chips, they need to get better chips. No one’s going to fight over a bag of Lays. Boulder Canyon or Kettle brand maybe, but Lays are really nothing to get mad about.


I feel a lot better for Marina Shafir after her match tonight, which was a much better outing than against Skye Blue. I found that her style, while very different, meshed well with Jade’s. I hope we see more of her, maybe in the Owen Cup.

Do you think we’re getting some sort of big “Undisputed Bullet Elite” match for Forbidden Door, maybe against Chaos members?

Undisputed Bullet Club vs. The Elite
Cole/White/RedDragon vs. Young Bucks/Omega/Hangman

OR, add in other Bullet Club members and add Good Brothers to The Elite

I do love this though. And uses a lot of big names in a multi-man which frees up the rest of the card for more unique matchups with newer faces to the scene (Bryan, Punk, Shingo, etc).

I am reminded of when they did the NWO-WCW ppv an it was so bad. I do think a Bullet Club ppv at some point with all the interconnected players and stories would be interesting. The Bullet Club tree is large and has some great continuity in tact considering the typical pro wrestling story telling. For example, Adam Cole really could be oblivious to Kenny and Jay’s feud. You could actually do a full War Games with just BC factions:

The Elite - Bucks/Kenny/Hangman
OGs - Tama/Fale/Good Brothers
House of Torture - Evil & others
Undisputed BC - White/Cole/RedDragon