FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 1/7/22

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Charles from Richmond

Enjoyed Smackdown. Really like the idea of putting Roman with Seth Rollins. It will certainly make the face-heel dynamic between Reigns and Lesnar interesting. They were heavy on the title-vs-title language and tying it to Wrestlemania. If they can avoid just making it a triple-threat and spread out the match across two nights, this could be as interesting build as last year’s Universal Championship match.

Rampage was fine but I find it really hard to get up for what is clearly set-up to be a B-show. The matches were fine but I was mostly interested in the Battle of the Belts announcements. As someone who saw six AEW shows in 2021 and already planning on seeing five in 2022, Tony Khan has always done a great job of building anticipation and delivering for the live crowd. However, coming into tonight, the first TNT special was already looking underwhelming. The addition of two wrestlers that have not won a match on television in six months did not help. Even acknowledging that Scorpio Sky would be a better replacement seems like they realize this. TK promised a stacked house show card for the ticket holders, but this is the first time I have my doubts.

Robbie from London, Ontario.

Just watched Rampage here, fun watch tonight. Jake Atlas was great I loved seeing him in this light and I loved the match, hopefully he’s okay. The womens tag was a decent watch. Hook was again tremendous, I’m basically all in on this kid! Main event was fun too, Santana and Ortiz were on fire! Great show, question: have you guys heard any updates on Atlas’ knee injury yet? Have a great night!

Seemed like the biggest story to come out of Smackdown tonight was that there might be some sort of working arrangement between Impact and WWE. In fact, Impact now has more competitors in the Royal Rumble than NXT. I’ll be curious to see if this is a one-off thing or if there’s another forbidden lock that’s been picked.

I’m glad to see Jake Atlas saying that his injury won’t keep him out too long because he really impressed me in that match with Cole. I feel like he looked better there than any time I saw him in NXT. Very promising tv debut and it felt like the audience was really getting into him.

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Brandon from Oshawa

So, I guess Survivor Series isn’t the only time of the year we get to see Raw vs SmackDown. If Adam Pierce only found out in the middle of the show, that he needed an opponent at the end of the night, then how did Seth Rollins get there so fast and why did he wear his ring jacket?

If they’re bringing in Mickie, they should have cut a deal to bring in Moose. Hell, put the title on Cardona and bring him in to fight Roman. I know that is all just wishful thinking, but this company needs some fun right now.