FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 12/17/21

What did you think of tonight’s shows?

Live report: Over from the U.K. what a way to have my first weekend in the states during a 1 month travel around.
Just sat through episode 1 of 2. We’ve just been told we have the Xmas Eve show as well. WASNT a bad show. Crowed was very 50/50 on everyone. Women’s tag match got time
And Flair was the clear favourite, until Banks came in the ring. Everything else was a bit meh, the Usos and New Day was also decent and the crowed wanted to cheer both teams. End segment finally had a pay off… so we believe, again think the crowed wanted to cheer Roman over Brock, but it’s Brock Lesnar. Or Lesley as the better half calls him… ( it’s her first and only
Show )

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Ps … Corbin and Moss died a death. With CM Punk chants ringing through the arena.
Spoilers on the first match without results:
Ricochet is so over, crowed went crazy for him. Ricochet did an amazing inside out back moonsault and it even perked the Mrs interest, “that was amazing” she is really in to Ricochet, just shows how hard it was for WWE to mess someone like him up.

Roy from Rhode Island

A little off topic, but with the announcement of the wrestle kingdom cards, what are your thoughts on jay white at present and into 2022? I know his absence from mainland new Japan is almost certainly entirely pandemic related, but he’s gone from main eventing wrestle kingdom this year to not even being on the card. He’s spent most of 2021 being a big fish in the tiny pond of njpw strong and his impact run didn’t amount to much.


  • The opening women’s tag match was
    strong. It was lengthy and all four women delivered. It was good to see Toni Storm pin Charlotte as it felt significant. Sasha Banks was on her game, too.

  • The Reigns/Heyman split reeks of some Machiavellian misdirection. I do think it telegraphs the outcome for the title match on New Year’s Day.


  • Trent hasn’t lost a step in the 8 man tag. It was a fun match that furthered the Cole/OC feud and it was nice to see RPG Vice in a match again.

  • Get Dan Lambert out of here. I feel that he’s overstayed his welcome.

  • The main event 10-man tag furthered Kingston/2point0 and it teased a Jurassic Express/Lucha Bros. for battle of the belts.

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Remember when WWE randomly decided to focus on Cesaro and the UFO move? Now he’s losing to green NXT guys in three minutes :laughing:

I was thinking the same thing. With that said, Ill take predictable when it’s great TV and makes sense.

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The only split I wanna see happen is when the Usos split from Roman. Gaslighting comes with a helluva price.

The gap between Roman and the roster is embarrassing

Well Meltzer reported a while back that the rumored main event for Mania is Roman/Uso (I assume Jey) vs Rock/Uso, so I imagine that will be the start of the split.

Personally, I hope Jimmy does the deed. Roman likes Jey more than him and Jimmy wanted Jey to snap out of it to no avail…until he fell in line.

Rock’s turning 50 in May, so that window is closing fast and the universal title can’t be put on ice at wm. Roman’s gonna have to lose to someone.

I dont see them taking the title off of Roman before the biggest match they have done in over a decade. With Raw also having a World Title (not to mention the Woman), they can easily have the Rumble Winner take on Big E and just have Roman in the Tag. If they really want to have it be a title match, they can always add a stip that if Roman is pinned/submitted, whoever beats him looses the title.

Maybe Jimmy pins him and wins the title??? Doubt it, but anything is possible. Though it would make more sense for Jey to win it going back to their original feud.

The lack of babyfaces (aside from Drew) on smackdown is embarrassing.

No title run lasts forever. Do you run the risk of Roman going stale? WWE’s lack of foresight is a massive issue and they need to do the f’n work to build someone up.

My point stands is that Rock vs Reigns in any form doesn’t need a title to enhance it.

I rest my case.

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I see what you are saying, but here is the flaw. Roman/Uso vs Rock/Uso (if it happens) is going to be the main event of Mania and the #1 match on SD by a mile. If you hot shot the title from Roman to anyone, the title match at mania is going to feel like a mid card match and will hurt the title. You will get much more out of the title if you leave the title on Roman and have him drop it after mania in a main event where the person who beats him is able to have a run on top and not play second fiddle to the massive Rock/Roman/Uso’s storyline. Only exception would be Brock which I do not want to see.

With that said, what I think and what you think doesn’t matter. What matters in regards to predicting what’s going to happen is what Vince thinks, and I would be absolutely shocked if he jobbed Roman out right before the biggest match of his career as that’s just not something Vince typically does when it comes to his mega stars. If anything, if Roman didnt have the title, I could see Vince flipping it on to him right before mania (he did it with Goldberg when Owens had it) which I would hate, but he would do it. It would be one thing if Roman didnt have the title as I would agree with you that the main event doesn’t need the title, but when he has it already Vince is not going to take it off of him. For that reason, I don’t see your theory panning out.


If you don’t want to debate, don’t post on a message board. Nothing I said was aimed at you as a person, this isn’t Twitter.

I understand. That GIF wasn’t meant to come off as frustrated. This is a healthy discussion we’re having. I’m not angry.

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