FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown & AEW Rampage 2/10

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A passable episode of Smackdown compared to previous weeks but the Bloodline story progression was strong.
The Sami/Heyman promo was very good and it feels like an arm’s race over which feud is more personal. The Sami/Roman feud is ahead of Cody/Roman by a hair.

The tag title match was good and I was expecting the freebird rule to be used with Sikoa filling in for Jey but that didn’t happen with the latter’s return. It did make the Usos more likeable with how happy Jimmy was to see Jey come through (it’ll bode well, post WM).

The ending wrote them off for next week’s Montreal trip but I can’t help but feel that a swerve could be in the cards.

Steve Grows Weed

I ate a strong edible. So I’m all in my feels.
(You can leave that part out)
But I really like that we haven’t heard much about backstage bullshit in AEW for awhile.
I saw a Thank you Tony sign at the end of Rampage and thought, ya, Tony really has seemingly righted the ship.
Everyone’s back to making a good television product. I know some people like reading and hearing about the real life drama. I had enough of that back in the day.
That being said. As an Impractical Jokers fan. That segment wasn’t good. Guys were champs going through the table though.

Michael Cole needs to stop saying “Valhalla is upon us”. Valhalla is heaven in the nordic mythology.