FEEDBACK: WWE Smackdown & AEW Rampage - 2/17/2023

Since John and Wai are on duty in Montreal, I’ll go ahead and take some load off of them and create a feedback thread for all of you.

Leave some feedback for the guys and stay tuned for Rewind-A-Smackdown at!

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Nas from NYC

Man I have no connections to Montreal or Canada for that matter. Yet I have no idea why that final segment brought out all these emotions in me. Sami’s gotta win. I’ve convinced myself that it is happening. He will win ala Eddie Guerrero in 2004. I don’t think I am ready for the heartbreak if he doesn’t. They could just do Cody vs Sami at Mania or a triple threat. They can go back to Roman vs Cody anytime they want. They can’t replicate this ever. Just pull the trigger.

Also I know John deserves all the love for being a goat level interviewer. But I want to give a huge shout out to Wai for some excellent camera work.

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Unfortunately on the broadcast at least on the FOX feed, production was rough tonight. Multiple times straight up muted audio for 30-45 seconds, which I’m guessing is for inappropriate chanting which I understand but considering it took a significant time during the Sami segment, it was just terrible time for it to happen and it took me out of it. There were also multiple black screen moments as well especially during the Ariel cutaways. I didn’t notice any of the fans around him doing anything unruly, so it may have been production glitches but it happened constantly throughout the show which got really annoying. But I’m pretty sure you guys are experiencing it much better than us viewers and I hope you guys are enjoying so far. Cheers fellas!