FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 2/4/22

What did you think of SmackDown and Dynamite?

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Jay from Colorado

Excellent episode of Rampage tonight. Plenty to talk about but I just want to highlight how awesome the Serena Deeb video package was. She’s already an absolute badass, but that video hammered the point home. Excellent production work as usual.

Also for the second week in a row I watched Smackdown and Rampage with a group of strangers from around the world in VR. If you have an Oculus get the Bigscreen app and you can usually find a few rooms streaming the shows. Had an absolute blast watching Rampage especially with other fans.

Robbie from London, Ont.

We caught most of Rampage tonight, tuned in just to catch the end of Coles promo, but the rest of the show was a lot of fun! Loved to see Martinez finally hit the ring, even despite the DQ. Also loved the main event, Lethal is just fantastic and I started to really buy he was going to walk out with the belt. Very good show, 7.5/10

Anthony from Melbourne

A little outdated but I haven’t seen this talked about anywhere…

I thought Lashley looked a bit off at the rumble last week, his elbow had a golf ball sized lump on it that that I have never noticed before and when he took Lesners suplexs he rotated to land on his opposite side instead of a back bump, unsure if this was related to the lump on his elbow or just how he had to bump due to his size.

Has there been any reports of Lashley dealing with an injury at all?

Either way I thought their confrontation at Day 1 was a much more solid outing, do you think they will have another match with Lesners programme now shifting so heavily toward Roman?

I need a spreadsheet to track all of the matches and programs teased on Rampage tonight because there’s no way I’m going to remember all of them. I am, however, quite excited to see where things go.

Too much WWE exposure means that I had a reflexive negative reaction to the DQ finish but on reflection, this one actually adds to the story. Mercedes looks like a bad ass and I’m happy to watch her and Rosa go at it again.

Ricky Starks feels like a bigger deal immediately because of that match and that finish.

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Nothing to do with either show, but can we all agree that John’s “friend”, the burger prankster, would be classic young John “tamagotchi killer” Pollock behaviour? Admit it was you John.