FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 3/25/22

What did you think of tonight’s wrestling?

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What the hell was up with the announce team on Smackdown tonight? They started off with “crust stuffed” pizza and it seemed to come apart from there. I’ve heard flubs from them before but this really did seem like something was wrong, like the communication was off.

Rampage is always a quick watch but I question why they didn’t have Nyla and Rosa do the promos they did tonight on Dynamite. That segment Wednesday feels like even more of a waste.

Also, what kind of sadist wants to make us choose between Hook and Danhausen? Is Tony mad at us?

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Robbie from London, Ontario. Rampage was a fun watch, and although I was disappointed with the Swerve loss they gave us a lot to enjoy tonight. Hooks segment was fun, the main event was great, an interesting promo from Jay Lethal, plus it’s always great to see the better Rhodes get the victory! 8/10 show

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