FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 3/4/22

What did you think of tonight’s wrestling?

Brandon from Oshawa

I absolutely loved the TNT title match. Those 3 guys have so much chemistry. I think Sammy retaining should set up Wardlow winning the ladder match and taking the title to kick off a feud with MJF.

I think bringing in Erik Redbeard is a terrible move and not needed at all. I hope he is not signed and it is just a one off. If he does stick around though, i see him turning and joining the House of Black, because he doesn’t fit with the Death Triangle.

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Jay from Colorado

I only watched Rampage tonight, and not in VR, I used up the battery playing minigolf. I am looking forward to watching Revolution in a real movie theater on Sunday.

Anyways, that opening 3 way match was insane. They really work great with eachother and it makes me want to see a ladder or cage match involving them down the road. I was happy to see Sammy retain, but I hope to see the title transition soon. He’s a top tier wrestler, but just an ok champion. He really doesnt need the belt to be over. Bring back the pandha hat, I liked it.

I’m still really enjoying Serena Deebs five minute challenge, but I was hoping for it to lead to someone else rather than Hikaru Shida. I love Shida but we’ve seen Shida vs Deeb like five times. Riho or Nyla Rose would have been interesting programs.

I was happy to see JD Drake not get completely dominated by Keith Lee. It was a decent match, and it looks like Keith Lee is getting back to his pre-COVID performance levels. I am looking forward to seeing what he does on Sunday.

Finally, I think Erik Redbeard is a good signing. AEW doesnt have a shortage of monsters, but he works well in a stable, and I like what he brings to the Death Triangle, or is it now the Death Square? But I’m gonna be honest with you guys, theres a part of me thats wanted to see Alex Abrahantes wrestle.

Andrew from Saint John

Was there live at the show and the TNT title match was amazing, great moments, subtle storytelling working around the babyface/heel dynamic and great atmosphere. The crowd loved Keith Lee and seeing the Penta entrance owned. The Dark taping had lots of great matches with women like Ruby Soho, Kris Statlander and Nyla Rose but I wish we got to see some of them on the main show – I’ve found the Serena Deeb 5 minute challenges a little flat. At least we got an angle this time.

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Guess no one cares about Ricochet, what a shame and a waste.
I don’t watch WWE but couldn’t they build this up, make it feel big and matter, they couldn’t write a good story if they tried.

AEW is in VR? How do you see that?

If you have an Oculus Quest theres an application called Big Screen, and every Mon, wed, fri theres a few rooms playing the shows.