FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 4/29/22

What did you think of Friday’s wrestling?

A reminder that RASD will be released tomorrow afternoon.

Robbie from London Ontario,

Just Rampage for us tonight, a really fun show! The opener was great, although I would have rather what Swerve advance, lots of quick action that went by like a breeze, of course a fun Hookhausen segment, and that great main event! Now to look forward to the Impact talent on Dynamite next week! 8/10

I really enjoyed Rampage. None of the top level stars appearing this week but it still felt exciting and must watch to me. Jericho’s Sports Entertainment references crack me up but the positive irony is that at it’s best AEW has entertaining characters and segments that enhance the great pro wrestling like WWE used to.

Swerve vs Darby was a really enjoyable match. Technical and fast paced. Swerve is terrific. I like him and Darby as friends and rivals. Darby is amazing to watch but I do worry about the effect of these ridiculous bumps on his body.

I laughed out loud at the comedy spots here. I didn’t get Danhausen at first, but now I’m a fan. Him and Hook would be an entertaining team. This would give Hook the opportunity to develop his character and other skills further. I like Tony Nese with Sterling and I hope the presentation makes him a solid mid card heel.

How about Joe vs Punk somewhere down the line?

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It’s 11:23 p.m. and I’ve already mostly forgotten what happened on Smackdown. I do recall that Drew coming out to face Roman, as much as we’ve been prepped to expect he was the next opponent, felt really forced and I don’t think anyone believes he’s a credible threat to the Tribal Chef.

Rampage was fun and I especially enjoyed Swerve vs Darby. Not great seeing Serve take another loss but it does seem to be in the service of the story. I’m also happy that Hookhausen seems to be on the horizon.

Jericho naming himself the sports-entertainer of the week and nervously looking over his shoulder for Santana after the attack shows that this guy is always on. A true delight on Rampage.

The Baddies presentation and chemistry was great. The entrance, the colour, the teamwork they showed in the ring. Jade being huge and flanked by the 4’11 Hogan and 5’1 Velvet, with the money fans to boot. This act needs to lose Sterling yesterday, and given his pairing with Nese, maybe he can go do that instead.

I think an act like The Baddies could really use tag titles to complete the look with Jade. I imagine most will disagree and note the abundance of titles already, but women’s tag titles at least serve the purpose of developing women’s stories and giving them more match time (tonight they had three minutes). It also plainly shows who the best women’s tag team is. I don’t know what purpose any of these ROH titles serves considering it’s not really active. Likewise with the AAA titles FTR carry. Anyway, women’s tag belts; food for thought. Rampage was an easy watch. Long live Hookhausen.

Eddie from Austin,

When Excalibur gave the opening rundown I thought this show was going to have no room to breathe but they somehow got even more promo segments in and it felt well-paced.

My favorite thing about this episode was the contrast between the JAS continuing to tear down Bad Sports Entertainment, followed by the debut Hookhausen segment which is just Perfectly Executed Sports Entertainment.

Jade continues to grow and impress and this finally feels like a fit for the Red Velvet character.