FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 6/17/22

What did you think of WWE SmackDown and AEW Rampage?

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Out of all of the coverage of this story today, my favorite moment is this gem of a sentence buried in this morning’s press release:

“The Independent Directors of the Board engaged independent legal counsel to assist them with an independent review.”

Perhaps if they say “independent” enough, they may trick people into believing it to be true.

I hope that Vince bought every person in the audience tonight a big box of chocolates because they really did their best to make it feel like there wasn’t a dark cloud hanging over the company.

I assume his appearance was done just to reassure investors that, yes, he’s still there and playing an active role, since markets hate instability and unpredictability more than anything and they REALLY didn’t like it the last time they thought he was gone.

Rampage was fun, although I only caught the fact that we’re having a double tag title match when I saw it posted on Twitter. I really hope Tony’s able to set something up to get ROH on TV because he badly needs new places to showcase his talent.


Not the least bit surprised at what Vince did. I’m 100% certain that he even took cues from his long time friend Donald Trump who in 2016 under similar circumstances of a sex scandal decided to play offence instead of defence. And like it or not, for a significant portion of the general public, this will work. Vince will be hailed as a strong man for showing the middle finger to the investigators, which is essentially what he did. This is the world we live in sadly.

As for the wrestling. Loved the main event. Loved the story. But seeing the Brock vs Roman angle for WWE fans must be like being in a Doctor Strange loop.

Thanks for the great reporting, fellas.

Jermaine from Chicago. Tonight Vince went out there knowing wwe fans don’t care about anything but being entertain and was right. I hope the clowns bowing down to him don’t have daughters at home. Here is my question I feel like Vince was suckered giving Roman that part time date contract. He is a tier below John cena as a performer and three tiers below austin and the rock. John would you have given Roman that deal? Do you think the juice is worth the squeeze? I can see someone that special getting that deal like Brock but Roman is a failed babyface who no one knows walking down the street. Thanks for you guys time

Jake from the Windy City

On the Smackdown front: If it wasn’t obvious before Vince is not going to show you he’s rattled by any controversy. He clearly just went out to get the temperature of the room and probably the most subtle I’ve ever seen from Vince McMahon. Smart for him to just use this as a mere ratings ploy.

Rampage was an easy watch. The main event was the best match. Darby always seems so reckless with some of his signature moves but man, I still enjoy seeing him do his thing. You gotta wonder how year 40 is going to look for him, though. Combining that with Fish, who is a pro’s pro, and it will most always deliver. A very good and very worthy main event.

P.S. You guys hoping to catch Montreal on Sunday? Hoping for another BIG weekend for my man, Danny Ric!

Thanks guys!