FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown & AEW Rampage 9/16

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Smackdown is starting to settle into a nice groove in this HHH administration.

The four way tag main event was strong. Everyone worked hard and we have a fresh matchup for the Usos instead of the typical New Day/Usos match. I like that there’s tension within the Bloodline. That little standoff between Sami and Jey dangles the carrot even more.

Solo Sikoa looked good in his first title defence and it shines a bigger light on NXT as a brand. The newly found synergy can only be a good thing.

At this point, they’re at their most interesting without Roman Reigns.

I’m so glad that Shotzi is now a babyface again, it was a mistake to make her a heel in the first place. All that’s left is the tank to make this feel complete.

Hunter’s continues to right the wrongs week after week.


I’m sure that both of you are sick of hearing this. But your latest Talk episode was brilliant. Especially for me as my first daughter was born in 07/20/22 and I too watched Raw on TV at the hospital. Wai, almost everything you described is exactly what I went through too. Even to the baby being born 9 days late. Listened to the whole episode with a huge smile on my face. Thank you both.

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Chris in Ottawa

Good evening guys. I’m laser-focused on the baseball pennant races (Go Jays), but made time for Rampage.

Regarding Wai’s comments on Claudio’s promo style, I like what he’s doing because it’s a different voice than others; reminds me of Bret Hart’s credible reality-based babyface approach.

AEW’s Grand Slam specials are so stacked. Question: has a promotion ever had a more stacked 4 hours of TV planned in a single week? I struggle to think of a week as loaded as next.

Thanks eh. Yes the Jays are leading the Wild Card right now. Goodnight.

Best moment is Michael Cole talking about PWG.

Thank goodness Shotzi is a babyface, now we’ll actually see her on TV and maybe get a win?!

The Sami, Jey, Jimmy and Solo dynamic is so good. My bet is that Jey is trying to push Sami away because he knows it will end badly for him.

It’s amazing that in a two-hour show there are quite a few women’s programs and matches, with promos and storylines. Amazing how that can work…