FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown & AEW Rampage 9/2

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  • Viking Raiders/New Day was a spectacle. It’s taken a while for the Raiders to gain traction but this match has gotten them on the right foot going forward by beating the New Day.

  • Butch/Kaiser was a good match. Slowly but surely, Pete Dunne will shed the Peaky Blinders skin he’s trapped in.

  • The Bloodline celebration was solid. The video packages throughout the night made Roman’s 2-year long run on top feel super important. Sami and Jey’s friction is enjoyable and McIntyre attacking Reigns on sight (No IP address needed) was dope. It could be a sign of his inevitable demise. I would hate to see Cardiff look like Birmingham in '97. It’s likelier than ever that the Bloodline will hit an iceberg on Saturday.

  • I’m set for Ishii/Kingston 2 on the Zero Hour card

A loaded weekend is ahead of us.

All-out will be a good show. Clash at the Castle will be a good show too.

SmackDown, not sure what the MMM vs. Hit Row match accomplished aside from being a confusing re-introduction to WWE’s under-utilized tag teams.

Rousey’s segment had some cringe, but she seemed far more cozy and playful. She ain’t Stone Cold, but Adam Pearce made a good foil for her. Tough-talking Liv feels a bit stunted, I hope Shayna wins.

Karrion Kross doesn’t do anything for me either. It feels more like HHH may be trying to rekindle something that didn’t really work in his run when he & Steph were doing leather baddy stuff. I find the whole gimmick to be a bit much.

VIKINGS and New Day are very stale.

RAMPAGE, good matches, but still feels like a lower sakes show, which reminds me of Sunday Night Heat ahead of the PPVs.

Wai is right. Rosa was backstage, no commentary context for her announcement… Just an award cut to Rosa and Schivone with a mic in her gob and a little 45-second thing, then BAM on to the next thing. Tony Khan’s rescoping the criticism to be about the length of the segment, and not about the presentation and respect shown to his brand’s champion. 3 minutes with her entrance would have been fine.

Women aren’t getting time. Yet somehow the Wingmen and W. Morrissey do. They’re even having to write in their own bad booking as part of their storyline with Athena and Jade.

Unrelated to tonight’s shows but rather today’s Summer Friday news dump by WWE corporate.

What is your opinion of these Executive raises?

I’ll share mine - a classic display of nepotism and unwarranted at this time…it feels like the kind of thing that happens when somebody makes everyone else look bad and happens to also be the only person that can even say “no” as largest voting shareholder.

  • When you consider Riddick, Hunter and Steph sit on the board which failed in protecting the company allowing Vince to act unchecked.
  • Riddick was interim CFO during periods of obviously weak financial controls, leading to a scandal and investigation.
  • This comes after years of talent cuts “for budget reasons”
  • We do not know the full findings of the investigation and what other deficiencies internally may have existed beyond the financial ones; but let’s go ahead and give raises to those in charge.

So that’s some objective fact and some of my opinion - what’s your take and does this feel snuck by fans on this very hyped weekend.