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Loved Rhea Ripley tonight. Still not sure she’s gonna read as the heel against Charlotte… Sami losing feels off. Solo should still have his run intact, but seems mildly deflating to me to have Sami get pinned again, I get it being about needing KO to win and they need to win together, but having Sami take another L so soon felt off.

Riho and Sakura had a banger. Wondering if this means Riho will actually get to tell a story and flesh out some character beyond “small and talented.”

Tony Khan needs writers.

Brandon from Oshawa

I love AEW and every time I watch Dynamite or Rampage and the show ends, I come away happy and having enjoyed the shows, but its so frustrating with some of the decisions they make.

It could still be announced, but Keith Lee and Swerve deserved a singles match on the ppv, instead it looks like tonight was the blow off or it will be blown off on a random Dynamite or Rampage.

The same can be said about a lot of their trios feuds. How awesome would an Omega vs Malakai Black match be? Or The Young Bucks vs Kings of the Black Throne? There were combinations we could have got between The Elite and Death Triangle that werent done.

What is the pay off with anything Kingston, Ortiz and House of Black have done?

It just feels like they leave a lot on the table, when they really shouldnt be. There are countless more examples I can think of.

Mannie from Pacoima

Tuesdays and thursdays are now my preferred nights of wrestling! From nxt to mlw, to impact and now ring of honor. Takeshita vs woods, zsj, blake christian and cladio vs AR Fox were great matches and next weeks card looks great.

Bates and melo was great as well, wrestling is thriving once again. I’m more excited about going to stand and deliver over my first mania due to all the feuds they have going for them though I’m also excited for Cody vs Roman.

Shout out to Chris Elliot really enjoyed the drive to survive review

Nas from NYC

For the first time in years and years, WWE feels like weekly appointment viewing. This was a great show I felt. Roman was on another level tonight. I love Cody. But I think Roman is retaining at Mania and I’m ok with it. Every show with Roman in it feels so much bigger just because of his mere presence.

Also as someone who doesn’t watch weekly TV a lot, is this the hottest WWE midcard division has been in a decade at least? When did LA Knight start getting huge crowd reactions.

I will definitely be watching Raw and might even watch NXT for the Shawn Michaels segment.

P.S. Just also want to add that your DTS show was awesome.

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I was pretty content with SmackDown this week. Things got moved forward and Roman using Jimmy as a bargaining chip for Jey to return to the fold is a much better scenario than Jey simply pulling a 180. The Tribal Saga has a lot more nuances than simple NASCAR-style turns. The Cody/Roman segment was strong as expected and the IC title scene is getting intense.

The Bloodline’s demise is nigh.

Given how good Cody and Roman have been and how hot the feud was, I was surprised that their first face-to-face felt off. Cody’s opening bordered on word salad (sorry, it’s the English major in me). His presentation was excellent as always, though, and I suspect that’s what people will remember. Once Roman hit his stride, he was the clear winner of the exchange, landing one hit after another. Could have been better but the program is hot enough that it won’t matter in the long term.

I maintain that Jay needs his own story coming out of this, leading to Roman eventually, but I think Solo would be an excellent interim feud for him post-Mania.

Rampage was an interesting beast, with the video packages setting the table for Revolution but the matches teeing up programs for afterward: Riho vs Jamie, the continuation of Swerve in our fallout (which deserves a big finale), and the possibility that Mark Briscoe will be dividing his time between AEW and ROH. He absolutely should because his character work is phenomenal and deserves a wide audience.

Good on Ruby for speaking plainly about her past struggles, external and internal, in a way that seemed honest without being exploitative.

Steve from BC,
Really enjoyed Smackdown. Thought the Cody/Roman segment was great. But now that the first encounter is out of the way I think the Dusty references can be put aside. I think it’s a card that gets played a little too often.

Love seeing the crowd start to get behind Santos. Hope he continues to get focused on after the involvement in the Mysterio story.

Agree with Kate that pinning Sami this soon didn’t feel right, but the positive the last couple of weeks has been seeing Jimmy get a chance to really shine in this story.

Question: When do they start announcing names for the Hall of Fame? It’s a month out and we haven’t gotten 1 name yet. It is still happening right?