FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / Hall of Fame 2022

Leave your feedback here for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown covering WrestleMania SmackDown and the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

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Nas from NYC

The video packages were great. But must suck to have bought tickets to this show.

Pretty sure this ad was region specific. WWE advertised ‘Universal Champion’ Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre for the main event of the May 6th edition of SmackDown in upstate New York. No idea of this means Roman will win. But fairly certain it means that Happy Corbin isn’t winning over McIntyre. Thank fuck.

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What a fantastic speech and ovation for the undertaker. Simply great. Where do you guys think it ranks as WWE Hall of Fame speeches.

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Agreed, that was awesome!

I get the HOF selection process in WWE is pretty arbitrary, and its one man picking based on architypes and who he feels like should be in, BUT at the end of the day the moment itself is still very cool as it means something to the performers who deserve to be honored one last time.

I get that some view the Observer as more of a real HOF, but from a performer standpoint, being honored in front of 80K people and on national TV is going to mean more then being placed from one column in a spreadsheet to another column even if the spreadsheet has more substance behind the selection.

Long story short, tonight was cool. I enjoyed the Shad/Warrior Award segment, have to admit I got a lump in my throat during that one.